Toy Hauler Ramp Too Steep: What You Should Do

toy hauler ramp too steep
toy hauler ramp too steep

Camping enthusiasts are known for going out on trips every few months. They will also stay on these adventures for long durations. Considering this, they mostly purchase large vehicles like motorhomes or RVs to help them out.

All the features installed in these ensure that the users have a comfortable experience while they are on their trips. Although, the first thing that you will notice about these vehicles is their high price.

Considering this, if you are someone who already owns a truck with a powerful engine. Then you might not want to spend so much with another vehicle like this. This is why users decide to get trailers instead.

These are considerably cheaper as there are no moving parts in them. You can then tow down your trailer to your truck and carry it around. The only requirement here is having a good tow bar.

What are Toy Haulers?

Some camping enthusiasts also enjoy taking their ATVs or bikes with themselves on their trips. Although, if you want to carry these with you then it is recommended that you get a toy hauler.

These are the same as most trailers and campers, however, the interior design allows for storage of small vehicles as well. Additionally, you are provided with a ramp that you can extend while you are parked.

This allows people to drive their bikes and ATVs straight into the hauler. Considering this, you no longer have to try fitting in your vehicle by lifting it or going through tightly enclosed doors.

With that being said, these toy haulers can be amazing for people who require them. However, there are also some issues that you can run into with them. One of these is that the toy hauler ramp on your vehicle is too steep.

What You Should Do When Your Toy Hauler Ramp is Too Steep

The main reason why a steep ramp can be annoying is that the user cannot drive in their vehicle easily. Additionally, even taking it out can be dangerous as there is a chance you might fall.

Keeping this in mind, you should note that most of the ramps on a toy hauler can be adjusted. By doing so, you can change the angle of your ramp and make it less steep.

Although, if you have already tried this then that might mean that your ramp is too short. This can be quite annoying to deal with but the only option you have here is to purchase another ramp.

You can then install this with your previous ramp to extend it. One thing that you will have to look out for is if there is enough clearance for another ramp on your vehicle.

Additionally, you have to ensure that this works with the current ramp you are using. Finally, the installation process can be a little tricky and will also require some tools. However, you can get these ramps installed from a workshop nearby you.

This will take care of all the hassle and you can start using your toy hauler without any issues.

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