How Long Does A 16 OZ Propane Tank Last? (Answered)

how long does a 16 oz propane tank last
how long does a 16 oz propane tank last

If you are going out camping, then it is essential that you bring a number of important equipment with you. The most important out of these is a propane tank as well as a grill. These will help you in cooking meals for yourself, ensuring that you don’t have to survive on only chips and biscuits.

While most people who have been going out camping, get a rough idea of how many tanks and equipment they should bring with them. A complete novice will find it hard to decide on most stuff. This brings out the important question of what size they should choose while purchasing a tank and how long it will last.

How Long Does A 16 OZ Propane Tank Last?

The most standard size that most campers purchase is the 16 OZ tank. Even though it might be good to know how long this will last, it is quite difficult to come up with an exact answer. The total run of the tank highly depends on the amount of flame and power you are using to burn it. While the most common answer given for this is that a standard 16 OZ tank will last you an hour of camping. It is not exactly correct.

The most common stove that people purchase is the Classic burner from Coleman. This is one of the most used stoves all around the world and you might also own it. The flame output on this amazing grill is labeled to be 20,000 BTU. If you own a different stove then you can find out its power through the manual or by searching about it online. It is really important that you know about this before you try to figure how long your tank will last.

A standard propane tank of 16.4 OZ will contain a total of almost 21,698 BTU’s. This tells you that, if you were to use the two burners on your Coleman classic then the tank will last you roughly a few more minutes than an hour. However, if you decide to use a stove that has higher power than this or alternatively the grills on it are higher or lower. Then the tank will last longer or even shorter than the 1-hour time limit.

How long a standard tank completely varies depending on your stove but by following this simple method you can take out an average. If you are thinking of taking more equipment with you and are going to run more than two burners at a time then it is safe to assume that only a single tank will not be enough for your use.

Another thing to note is that these standard tanks are quite hard to get refilled and most countries even consider this illegal. So, if you are planning on purchasing two or more of these tanks then it is recommended that you spend a little more and get a single tank with more storage. Even though these will be a little harder to carry around, but you can easily get them refilled at a later date.

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