Coleman Classic vs Coleman Triton- Which One?

coleman classic vs triton
coleman classic vs triton

Going out camping can be quite fun for people. Although, you need to make sure that you take the right equipment with you. This way you can stay relaxed and enjoy your trip without having to worry about stuff. One of the best things to take with yourself on a camping trip is a good propane stove.

These will help you to cook meals for yourself rather than having to survive on snacks. You can easily purchase a stove from any nearby store or online but the huge number of options might overwhelm you. This is why you need to know which propane gas stove is the best. Talking about this Coleman Classic and Triton are 2 of the best propane gas stoves that you can choose from.

Both of these are amazing in their own aspects and it might get a little confusing, trying to choose one of these. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with information about both these stoves so that you can easily select which one you should be purchasing.

Coleman Classic vs Coleman Triton

Coleman Classic

The Coleman Classic is mostly known for its low price and the amazing durability it provides on top of it. Usually, most stoves that have a low-price range are not even nearly as durable as this one. This makes Coleman Classic the best pick for your value. However, one thing that you should note is that this model does not come with as much features as some of the other stoves in the market.

This propane stove comes with two burners which provide 10,000 BTU, this adds up to a total of 20,000 BTUs of power. This model does not have an auto-ignition in it and this means that the user will have to light up the grill on their own. You should also note that the design of this stove makes it harder for you to use a small lighter in order to fire up the grill. This is why you should keep a long lighter with you for ease.

The device also has a pressure regulator built into it. This allows the stove to control the consistency of its flame even under extreme climate conditions. Additionally, both the burners on the stove have temperature control on it which allows the user to set the flame according to their use.

The runtime on this stove allows it to run for about 1 hour on a standard 16.4 oz of the gas cylinder.  It also comes with a 3-year warranty from the company. If your stove runs into any problem before that or it becomes damaged then you can easily get it repaired by contacting the company.

Coleman Triton

The Coleman Triton is a little higher in price when compared to the Classic model. But the temperatures on it have been improved over the years. The two burners on this model provide 11,000 BTU which total to a maximum of 22,000 BTU. The slight increase in output of heat can allow the user to bring water to its boiling point a minute faster than the classic version.

The large area on this stove allows users to easily fit a lot of stuff on the pan at the same time. The dimensions for the pan are 10 to 24 inches. The controls on this stove are also adjustable. Although, this stove also contains an option for simmer on top of the high flame options. The simmer option allows you to set the heat extremely low, without having to worry about the flame going out. The grill will then continue to slightly heat the pan on top of it at low heat.

The overall construction of this stove is of metal. This means that the stove is extremely durable and will most likely not get damaged from anything. The technology on this stove allows users to set the flame perfectly at the temperature they want.

You can even pack the stove easily as it comes with a built-in case. This allows people to easily carry around the stove with them. Both the stoves have their own pros and cons and are great options. The classic version is slightly cheaper but the performance of the triton version is better.

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