Top 4 Blankets For Winter Camping Review 2022

blankets for winter camping
blankets for winter camping

You all must know that camping is not as fun as it might look like if you are not prepared appropriately for it. It is a hobby that requires determination, will, and of course the preparations including getting yourself the right gear that you might need.

Planning is the key to have a better and successful camping experience and you must never neglect it in anyways. That’s why you should choose your gear accordingly and make sure that you have all the stuff that you will be needing on the trip that you have planned.

When you are sleeping in the camper van or in tents on a camping trip, the temperature can get pretty low. Especially if you are a snow hiker or want to go on a winter camping trip, you need to be prepared not only for the day with the right gear but for sleeping as well.

That includes getting yourselves the right blankets and sheets that you will be using at night to keep yourselves warm and avoid the cold. So, here are a few blanket options that you must consider for your trips to avoid the cold, and if it’s winter camping, you should never be compromising on it.

Best Blankets For Winter Camping

1. Camco Polar Fleece Heated Blanket

Camco is the store that builds all the products that you might need for your RV campers. While it sounds like a great idea to camp on the snow and has a blanket of white fluff around you, it might not be quite practical if you are a first-timer, and camping inside the vehicle might be much more convenient for you. For those who want to go on a camping trip on their camper van and want to make the most of it. This blanket is the first choice to consider.

This is essentially an electric heating blanket that can be used with the 12-volt cigarette lighter port that is essentially present in all the cars. The blanket can be used alone, if the temperature is not that cold, or you can try using it inside your regular blankets to make sure that you can sleep comfortably without having to worry about the cold outside.

It has a controller as well that allows you to choose between the temperature settings and there are three heat settings on this blanket to choose from. IT is easy to use and made of polar fleece so it can be pretty warm on its own as well. Needless to say, that it is lightweight and easy to carry around since it is designed specifically for camping.

2. Zefabak Camping Down Blanket with European Standard

Zefabak is the go-to brand for all the hikers, mountain climbers, and people who love winter adventures. This is certainly the first choice you should consider if you don’t want a heating blanket or you are planning on going to the sub-zero temperatures without any source of power there.

This is a puffy blanket made of special materials that allow it to be super lightweight. It is hardly 1.5lbs so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep with the help of this blanket while having the ease of carrying it around on your back if you are climbing or hiking without adding much weight on your back.

The blanket is durable and fluffy at the same time, allowing you to have the best of both worlds. Essentially this is a down blanket so you can use it for all the purposes as it will serve you like a sleeping bag but with all the perks that don’t come on a sleeping bag. There are no zippers and you can use this blanket in any form or manner that you might find appropriate for your trip.

3. Eddie Bauer Throw Blanket-Reversible Sherpa Fleece Cover

Eddie Bauer is the name of comfort and affordability and not unknown to the campers and mountaineers. This blanket is one of the best amongst their inventory as it is made of 100% fleece and you can use it for all sorts of weather. This might not be appropriate for sub-zero temperatures where it gets freezing cold, but can easily take mild cold temperatures and will trap the body heat so you will not have to face any issues sleeping.

Moreover, the soft and fluffy edges on this blanket give it a sense of coziness and comfort so that you can have the right vibes. This will simply be the right choice for you if you are on a budget and don’t need something extravagant.

4. NANPIPER Sherpa Blanket Twin Thick Warm Blanket for Winter

NANPIPER is the best option to get your hands on if you are planning on a trip for extreme weather. The material used for this particular blanket is 100% polyester, there are microfibers used on the blanket that allows you to have the best possible temperature to sleep no matter where you are. One good look on this blanket will give you the right vibes of comfort as it is super-soft. It might get pretty bulky to carry around and might be the perfect choice to have if you have ample storage space on the camper van that you are taking with you.

Moreover, the design is reversible so you can get the right ambiance around the place if you feel like having the change. It might look hard to maintain, but it is machine washable but make sure that you are using the gentle cycle and tumble dry with low heat on the water. Bleach should not be used on this one and that will help you get it as good as new. It is shrinking resistant, so you can have it for years longer without having to change it.

Final Words

It is not easy to decide on winter blankets especially when it comes to camping, so here are some of the best options for you to consider. You will simply have to make the right decision based on what needs you might have in mind and that will help you make your camping trip an affair to remember with all the coziness and warmth.

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