3 Common Honda EU10i Problems (Troubleshooting)

honda eu10i problems
honda eu10i problems

Recreational vehicles and motorhomes provide their users with lots of storage to keep their equipment. Additionally, these come with a bedroom, kitchen, and even a bathroom. Considering all of this, the user will feel like they are traveling around in their own home.

However, one major downside to these vehicles is their having limited power. The user cannot use their electrical appliances as they would at their homes.

However, companies have started to manufacture portable generators that you can install in your vehicle instead. While the power on these is not the same as you would have at your home.

It should still be enough to last throughout your trips. One of the best models that you can purchase considering this is Honda’s EU10i. This is a powerful generator that comes with numerous features.

However, some problems can be found with the Honda EU10i generator. This is why we will be using this article to list some of these common issues along with troubleshooting steps to help you out.

Honda EU10i Problems

  1. Generator Not Starting

One of the most common problems that people have reported about their Honda EU10i generator is that it does not startup. The first thing that you should check in this case should be the fuel in your device.

However, it might seem to you that this step is quite obvious. The thing that many people do not know about is that the Honda EU10i model requires you to keep its tank filled up above a minimum value.

If the fuel starts to fall below this level then your device might shut off or stop working in some cases. Considering this, it is recommended that you keep the tank of your generator filled above the 1/3rd level at all times. This will ensure that the device keeps running without any problems. Additionally, you can even keep a bottle of fuel stored in your vehicle.

This can be used to fill up the device once it starts giving you trouble. Finally, another thing to keep in mind is that the generator will take some time after you can start using it. Considering this, after you have filled up the device with fuel, give it about 30 to 40 minutes before trying to use it. This time lets the fuel spread across the generator ensuring it can run smoothly without any errors.

  1. Device Keeps Shutting Off

Another common issue that many people run into is that their device will work perfectly for some time and then switch off. When it comes to this issue, there are several reasons why you can get it. There might be a faulty part in your generator that can cause this. However, before you get into these technical fixes, it is recommended that you start with the easy ones.

Two main reasons why your generator might be running into this problem can either be overheating or it is under a lot of loads. As for overheating, you can try moving your device to a well-ventilated area. Alternatively, you can install a fan above the generator to ensure it stays cool while it is running.

Although, if the problem you are getting is from the device getting overloaded. Then you will have to remove some of the electrical appliances being used on your generator. The Honda EU10i model is one of the most compact generators which is why it is not able to withstand a lot of loads. Simply lessening this should help the device to start working again without any trouble.

  1. Generator Not Running Properly

If you have gone through all the steps mentioned above but are still having problems with the device working correctly.

Then you can try cleaning it up completely. This is required at least once or twice a month depending on how much you use the generator. Removing the oil and replacing it with a new one as well as cleaning the internal parts with a soap solution is essential.

This will remove any dust or rust particles stuck in the system fixing any problems with the device. Additionally, the maintenance will ensure that your device lasts you a much longer time and most future errors are avoided.

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