Onan Generator Exhaust Extension (Installation)

onan generator exhaust extension
onan generator exhaust extension

Onan Generator is a famous company that is mostly known for portable manufacturing generators. These are easier to move because of their small size and lightweight.

While you can use these at your homes, the generators are made to be installed in motorhomes and recreational vehicles. All of the products made by Onan have numerous features that come with them.

These allow you to stay at ease while you are out on your adventure. Aside from this, there are multiple options to go for when purchasing these devices. You can check all of the lineups from Onan from their website. Go through their specifications to find a product that is best for your usage.

Onan Generator Exhaust Extension

When installing an Onan generator in your vehicle. The air coming out from the exhaust will be spread out in your RV. This can be quite annoying for people who have placed the generator near their workplace.

Considering this, one option to fix the problem is by installing an exhaust extension on the device. This will allow you to change the location of the device to pump out its exhaust air. While one simple way for this is to purchase a pre-made extension.

You can contact a workshop nearby you to see if they have any in stock. Though, people who do not have access to these can create an extension of their own. You should note that there are some things to keep in check before you start with this.

These include what the diameter is for your generator’s exhaust. Secondly, the length of the extension required is also essential. Use a measuring tape for both of these and note down the calculated values. Moving on, you can purchase a flex tube that will be used as the exhaust extension.

These are the best option for users as the tubes are easier to move around and simple to install. Additionally, purchase a clamp. This will be used to tighten your extension and will ensure that none of the air comes out or the extension pipe falls off. When installing the flex tube make sure that you tighten up the clamp completely.

But the force applied should not be too much as this can damage your pipe instead. Sometimes the pipe can start leaking if you try tightening the clamp too much. Once this is all done, route your pipe to an area where there is good ventilation.

This will ensure that the air coming out does not disturb you any longer. Finally, people should keep in mind that they purchase the best quality products possible. This ensures that they do not run into any problems in the future.

As well as makes the process easier for you. People who are wondering if this will reduce the noise for their generators should note that this is not the case. Though, you can install in mufflers or get other similar products for your generator. These will allow you to decrease the noise it produces making it comfortable to sit around the device even when it is running.

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