In-Depth Good Sam Tire And Wheel Protection Reviews

good sam tire and wheel protection reviews
good sam tire and wheel protection reviews

RV and densely compact well, equipped mobile homes. They cater to every one of our needs while providing a peaceful and aesthetic space to live and enjoy. However, will such functionality come with certain safety and maintenance considerations?

Effectively, RV maintenance requires the same level of care as a typical home and a large vehicle combined. This combination also creates a host of other potential and niche industry issues. Therefore, keeping the RV on the road is critical for peace of mind.

This is where a well-designed service such as Good Sam’s Tire and Wheel Protection comes into play. They offer annual protection again damaged tires and wheels and are ready to quickly help in any annoying situation.

However, First, however important to understand precisely what they offer and how effectively they deliver what they are offering. Read on to learn all about this impressive service.

Good Sam Tire And Wheel Protection Reviews

Initial Offering

prices clearly displayed

When inquiring about Good Sam Tire and Wheel Protection, the webpage is well formatted. Presenting the three key variants of protection available with their prices clearly displayed. The initial two offers include a stand-alone vehicle or a vehicle combined with a trailer or RV trailer.

Their regular prices are noted as $170 and $180, respectively. An additional trailer, particularly an RV trailer cover, is substantially more expensive than a single vehicle.

Good Sam is an RV specialist with several RV-orientated services under its umbrella. Therefore, it is an ideal business to engage with, knowing the understand the intricacies of RV ownership.

exceptionally economical offering

For a mere $10 extra, they provide this same service for an integrated motorized RV. Again this is an exceptionally economical offering. Generally, RVs require specialized jacking and tire removal equipment.

Their vast size and weight make them far more restrictive for a standard tire repair operator to work on. Additionally, larger RVs often utilize a dual wheel axel giving them six or more tires on the road at any one time.


24hour call out service

Good Sam provides comprehensive services across the US designed to help any customer with tire or wheel-related issues as quickly as possible. Everything you could hope for in this style of service is covered.

They have a 24-hour call-out service which will help with all manner of flat tires or general wheel issues. It offers roadside assistance to the greatest extent but will tow to the nearest garage should the problem require additional assistance.

The comprehensive service provides a full warranty on all of their replacements and goes as far as to balance and align tires for no extra charge. This is a purpose-built service to cater to all of the common tire and wheel issues that are unfortunately common on RV road trips.

Service Caveats

contact good sam prior

Although Good Sam’s is considered a trustworthy business, there are certain pitfalls that customers have noticed. After reviewing certain negative customer experiences, it is apparent that diligent assessment of the fine print is necessary to ensure that using the service goes seamlessly. Here are some of the key do’s and don’t’s.

Firstly, customers must ensure that they contact Good Sam prior to having their tires changed or repaired. As part of their service, they offer reimbursement of cost should it be more convenient for a customer to have the repair conducted at a local shop.

However, some customers have gone to their local service station without consulting Good Sam’s first, which ultimately leads to a denial of reimbursement.

checks of tired

A rather bizarre but important consideration is to keep damaged tired after they have been replaced. This may seem odd, but Good Sam conducts random checks of tired to guarantee that customers aren’t simply taking advantage of the service to get new tires unnecessarily.

Although rare, there are some accounts of inspections failing because the old tire was left at the garage, which led to a denial of a refund.

Document any tire issues with photos and video in as detailed a manner as possible. Effectively, some customers are randomly asked to provide clear proof that they experienced the damage while driving. This is to prevent fraudulent customers from damaging their tiredness at home in an attempt to get a new set for free.

Annual Subscription

offers no refund

Good Sam has a very good reputation in the RV community. However, its pricing structure has frustrated many potential customers. The initial pricing is the regular price, with substantial deductions made should a customer sign up for five years.

In doing so, the cost drops to $60 for the first two and $70 per year for the RV-exclusive version. These are extreme savings that are exceptionally good value. However, customers have stated that it is a way of locking people into their service, which offers no refund should one sell their covered RV.


leave it to the professionals

As described earlier, RV tire replacement and repair is a difficult and specialized job. Rarely will an RV be equipped with the necessary equipment for such a challenging and dangerous job.

Therefore it is almost always better to leave it to the professionals. Therefore, investing in a reliable and reputable business like Good Sam’s Tire and Wheel Protection can easily be viewed as a sensible option for conscientious RV owners.

Although the specific and somewhat bizarre caveats, including bringing a damaged tire with you on an RV vacation, should be considered. Luckily, generally speaking, they have a proven track record and understand the niche RV industry. Willing to cater to all of the particular needs of owners, they are certainly a front-runner in the industry today.

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