Towstar Tire Review 2022- Is It Reliable?

towstar tire review
towstar tire review

Whether you want to drive around or go on a long trip. Having the best type of tires is an essential piece of equipment. These will not only help you in having a better grip over your vehicle.

But will also help you out in having a smoother ride. This is why it is important that you equip your vehicle with a good type of tire.

This also ensures the safety of yourself as well as the drivers that are all around you. You might be thinking about getting new tires for your vehicle. Although, it is important to know the specifications of a product before you decide to purchase it. Additionally, there is a huge lineup of tires in the market so it can usually get a little confusing to select one of these.

Towstar Tire Review

Towstar is a famous company that is known for manufacturing tires. All of these have a number of features provided with them. But these might differ slightly depending on the model you are selecting.

This is why it is important that you do thorough research on these before you decide on one. The main focus of this company is providing tires made specifically for larger vehicles.

These include RVs, trailers, motorhomes, and similar ones.  The company has now been running for almost 50 years and is still coming up with newer lineups of their tires. All of these have been improved from the previous model and are even more reliable than before. This shows the dedication for Towstar Tire.


The company sells both premium tires as well as high-quality tires. The price range for all of these depends on the model that you are selecting. While the premium tires might cost a little bit more than the simple models.

One thing to note is that all of these prices are quite cheap. This is why the company has been known for giving competition to all the other tire manufacturers around. On top of this, there is no drop in performance from these products.


The number of features on these products depends on the model you decide on. Aside from this, there are still some features that are included on all of the tires made by Towstar. These include the solid center rid on these tires. This provides consistency of stability while driving around your vehicle.

You will notice that there is no wobble in your vehicle even when you decide to take your hand off the steering wheel. This makes the driver extremely comfortable and enjoys the ride without much trouble.

Although, you should always keep a check on the air pressure in your tires. Keeping them maintained assures that you won’t get any problem while driving your vehicle around. Another great thing about these tires is that their design.

This is specially made to resist heat and helps in keeping your wheel cooler even when you driving at a high speed. This means that your tires will take a longer time to wear down compared to others. This also ensures that these will last you a long time without giving any problems.

Both the 15” and 16” models of this company have a nylon overlay constructed onto them. This allows these tires to provide better strength and carry a much larger load. Additionally, the durability of these is also better.

You can visit the official website for Towstar to find a list of all the different tires that they have available. The list also contains all the specifications of these tires along with the max load that they can handle. This makes it easy to choose one of these.


The ratings received by this company are mostly positive. This shows that all the users are left satisfied with the company’s services. The company also provides a warranty on all of its tires. If you get any problem with these before the total mileage provided then you can contact Towstar.

If the problem is from their backend then the company will provide you with a replacement. Keeping all of this in mind, if you are thinking about getting new tires for your RV or motorhome. Then Towstar is one of the best companies around and you should take a look at their lineup.

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