Eureka Jade Canyon vs Copper Canyon- Which One?

eureka jade canyon vs copper canyon
eureka jade canyon vs copper canyon

If you are going out camping then the most important thing to look out for is that you bring the perfect camp with you. This is because you will be using this tent for resting. If there is any problem with the tent then you won’t be comfortable and get relaxed. This will end up ruining your entire camping experience.

Aside from this, there are a number of things that you need to look out for when selecting the perfect camp for yourself. After selecting a budget, you have to make sure that the material is good enough. Additionally, that the camp has enough space for the people who are going to stay in it.

Eureka Jade Canyon vs Copper Canyon

One of the best companies that provide users with tents is Eureka. Their products are loved by everyone and the company has a huge lineup of tents to select from. Two of the finest models from these are Jade Canyon and Copper Canyon. If you are deciding to choose one of these two tents then it can get confusing. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with all the information you need about them. This should make it easy for you to select between these two.

Eureka Jade Canyon

The Eureka Jade Canyon is known for being spacious. This tent can fit up to six people in it which makes it an ideal choice if you are deciding on going out with your family or a group of friends. The interior of this tent provides a peak height of up to 7 feet. The walls are also almost vertical which means that even the tallest people will have absolutely no trouble moving around the tent. The frame of this tent is made from aluminum. This is a sturdy type of steel and ensures that your camp will be able to withstand heavy rains and extreme winds.

Another thing to note is that the tent is extremely easy to set up. Additionally, it even comes with a manual. If you have any problem setting up the camp then you can open up and follow this setup guide. The manual provides users with an extremely basic step by step guide on how to put up everything. Aside from this, there are quite a number of technologies used in this amazing camp for the ease of their users.

One of these is a small touch-friendly pocket on its inside. You can put your mobile phone or table in it during heavy rain and the pocket will prevent any water from touching your device. The touch-friendly cover will then allow you to use the device without any problem. The storage pockets on this camp are usually tucked away but be accessed easily because they are within hands’ reach. These can be used to store anything that you might want to have access to quite often.

Eureka Copper Canyon

The Eureka Copper Canyon is also a great camp that you can bring with you on your camping trip. One thing that you should note is that this camp is quite similar to Jade Canyon. Both of these have almost the same features. However, the main difference between them is their price. The Copper Canyon from Eureka can be purchased at a substantially lower price than the Jade Canyon model. This is because the mainframe of this tent is made from fiberglass. Additionally, the waterproofing on it is of a lower grade than the other model.

Other than this, the Copper Canyon provides users with a lot of space for resting and as well as storing their items. The mesh windows on this tent are also very large and have waterproof curtains built into them. All the features on this tent are almost identical to the other model.

In the end, it is up to the user to decide which one out of these two do they prefer. If they want to go for a camp at a budget price then the Copper Canyon is the best option for them. However, if they are willing to pay more for a better built and stable frame, then they can get the Jade Canyon.

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