Should You Go For RV or Tent Camping?

Should You Go For RV or Tent Camping?
Should You Go For RV or Tent Camping?

Recreational Vehicle (RV) vs. Tent Camping

When it comes to going on a vacation, there are many questions that arise, should you choose a hotel, hostel, taking an RV or using a tent to camp?  All of these options have their pros and cons and truly depend on your budget or needs. But if you are looking for a trip that will keep you in close touch with nature and don’t want to spend a lot of money, choosing tent camping is the best choice.

Camping is a very different way to travel, unlike hotels where you have all top tier commodities. Campsites are usually located on the outskirts of cities and are in full contact with nature, but allow added services such as the possibility of accessing it by car, something that is not always possible in many hotels located in the center of cities. The main advantage of spending holidays at a campsite is the price, which is cheaper than other forms of accommodation.

Guests can prepare their meals in campsites, without having to depend on hotel schedules. You can take your own small gas tank or prepare food in a fireplace for a more realistic experience. A lot of campsites also have mini markets for their guests.

As we mentioned, the campsites are far from the urban centers and this allows us to be in full contact with nature, to enjoy the landscapes, the fauna, and the vegetation. In the areas where the campsites are located there are also adventure companies that organize fun nature-related activities like climbing, mountaineering, hiking, cycling, horse riding, nautical activities, etc.

The natural environment is what leads many people to opt for camping instead of going to a hotel or a tourist spot, this is unquestionable. However, in addition to this natural environment, campsites stand out because they are quiet places to spend your vacations. Whether it’s next to a river, forest, beach, etc., you can just relax from your daily life and admire your surroundings.

A clear example of this is that you do not have the pressure of dressing up nicely that can exist in hotels or cities, you live with neighbors who also enjoy this comfort and the freedom of schedules is much greater.

The day can be arranged as desired, as there is no dependence on kitchen or room service.

Campsites today are much safer and more complete than they were decades ago, so spending a few days there is a complete experience for families with or without children. An example is a possibility of accommodating pets, as most are pet-friendly, so they accept pets in their facilities and even have spaces specially designed for them.

There are so many options for choosing the right tent as well, depending on how much room and privacy you want or how many people are going to sleep in there. There are water and mosquito-proof tents and even luxurious styles. They all come with an instructive for an easy setup, and it’s something that you will keep forever without having to invest again.


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