2 Best Camper Siding Options (Aluminum & Fiberglass)

camper siding options
camper siding options

Campers have been offering a great deal of fun, comfort, and pleasure for all those who like to travel, and that makes them a perfect thing to have. RVs are in great demand not only in the US but all over the world, and frequent travelers who like to go camping often have been modifying these RVs to get the best possible comfort from them.

In the early days, there was a carriage van attached at the back of campers and that was used for housing and carrying stuff. However, there were several issues with that including additional weight, making it hard to maneuver at sharp turns, added friction, and of course mileage concerns.

To fix that all, there have been improvisations in the design and how one can get the best from their camping experience. That made siding a possibility and that allows campers to extend their RV bodies and make it possible to gain some extra space where they can put some bed and mattresses or keep the extra gear that they would like to take with them on their camping trip.

There are several siding options being used out there in the market but not all of them are equally good. Two of the most used siding options and all that you need to know about them is:

Camper Siding Options

1. Aluminum

Aluminum is undoubtedly the best and most durable material and there are no second thoughts about it. That makes its application wider and there are numerous options out there where you will see aluminum is being used.

While coming to the camper siding, an RV with Aluminum siding would be just the perfect thing for you to have as Aluminum is certainly one of the most cost-efficient solutions for the aluminum sidings out there. Not only that, but the maintenance cost is pretty low as well, and keeping the overall lifespan in perspective, this is going to be your best bet.

Now, when we move to the features and utility part, Aluminum siding for the campers allows you to manage all the wires and cables greatly and you can have a working and neat wiring for your RV camper, to manage all the appliances and other devices that you might want to put onto it.

It also provides better insulation and the wood frame is used with these aluminum sidings, ensuring that you are not spending much on the heating or cooling, and also maintaining the most comfortable temperature for yourself. Another great thing about using aluminum siding is that repairs are easy and you don’t necessarily have to change the whole panel as it is the problem with other options that one might be getting for their RV siding options.

You will need to be a bit careful about water leakages as if there are any leakages on the sealants, that will cause you trouble, and you will need to get that checked after you take your siding out in the rain.

2. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is another most commonly used material for the Camper siding as this is not only the most exquisite one but also the most comfortable one. Fiberglass is simply the lightest and durable material out there. Not only that, but it has excellent soundproofing and the outside sounds of the road and all the noise will be blocked by it effectively.

Moving forward, it is flexible and can take a bit of wear and tear easily without causing you much trouble while being on the road. The maintenance is also pretty easy on the fiberglass and cleaning costs are reduced to almost none.

Coming to the aesthetics, it cannot be damaged much by the weather condition either and provides your RV a cleaner look for years. So, it might be the perfect thing for you to have for your RV siding if you can bear the costs.

The costs might look a bit more to you if you compare them with other siding options, but this is a sort of one-time investment with peace of mind for a longer-term. So, if you are planning on keeping the RV with you for some years, then the right decision would be to get the Fiberglass siding.

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