6 Most Common Dynamax Isata 5 Problems

dynamax isata 5 problems
dynamax isata 5 problems

Modern recreational vehicles and motorhomes not only boast an impressively spacious design, but they come packed with numerous features. For the right money, anyone can buy a cozy RV with a kitchen for cooking food yourself, a working bathroom, and a comfortable bedroom. Your RV can also feature space for dining or lounging.

Considering the versatility and features RVs give, most people driving around in these vehicles will feel like they are taking their homes with themselves.

There are many brands in the RV and motorhomes market today, but one of the best out of all is Dynamax. Specifically, their Isata 5 lineup is recommended by many users when it comes to selecting from a C-class motorhome. 

Many people prefer C-class motorhomes as they have a front side that looks similar to a van, and includes a dash, seats, opening doors, and body sheet metal. It replicates the feeling of your regular automobile. Plus, the Dynamax RVs are secure, spacious, have a ton of useful features, and are built to last.

That being said, every RV runs into some common issues over time. Regular maintenance negates them most of the time, but you can run into such problems when driving your Dynamax Isata 5 . While these issues are quite frustrating, you can troubleshoot them yourself by following our guide.

So let’s jump in and read about the common Dynamax Isata 5 issues (and their fixes!).

Dynamax Isata 5 Problems

1. Slide Out Isn’t Working

Slide Out Isn’t Working

The Dynamax Isata 5 is a great motorhome for several reasons, but having a slide-out is certainly up on the list. If you’re not sure what that means, slide-outs are small rooms that you can extend with a click of a single button. You are then provided with extra space within your vehicle.

Though it’s important to keep in mind that these slide-outs should only be extended while your motorhome is parked. Extending slide-out rooms while driving your vehicle around can make the automobile unstable, which is a dangerous condition.

A big issue people face in RVs that have slide-outs (like the Dynamax Isata 5), is that the slide-outs will stop working eventually. This is generally due to a wire or cable issue. A weak battery or blown fuse can also lead to this trouble.

If you are also getting the same problem and want to troubleshoot, then start by switching off your main power. This will ensure that you do not get shocked while accessing the wires. If you have a single slide-out, follow your owner’s manual to locate the slide-out wiring and battery connection panel. Now make sure that all the cables in the slide-out are connected properly and there’s no visible damage.

If your vehicle has multiple slideouts, try to extend another one by clicking the switch. If it doesn’t work, then there’s a common power problem. Check your fuses and breakers to make sure there are no problems there. Sometimes, running a generator or plugging into shore power can help give the right voltage for sliding motors to work.

If everything’s perfect, use a multimeter to check the slide-out electric motor’s power input. If the motor is receiving power but there’s no motion, then it has failed. You can try cleaning it carefully and remove any debris that is stuck in the internal system that might be preventing the slide-out wheels from spinning. If it still doesn’t work, the motor needs to be serviced or completely replaced.

Contact the support team for Dynamax to help you out with this. Alternatively, you can take your vehicle to a workshop to get the motor checked but a replacement might not be available there. If the slide-out issue is specific to just one room, then your switch is broken and you need to get it replaced.

Other than that, remember to properly lubricate the slide-out mechanism. The rollers on the slide shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. If the wheels move too freely, then tighten them. Check for wear- old rollers need to be replaced. Other than that, the gear racks should be placed parallel to avoid damaging the furniture.

2. Knocking Sounds

Another problem that users have reported on their Dynamax Isata 5 is that they start hearing knocking sounds when driving.

If you are also getting the same issue then you should stop driving and park your car aside. Proceed to open the hood to access your engine. Knocking sounds mostly arise when your engine oil is dirty and clogged up, or if the filters in your RV have gone bad.

You can check both of these to confirm if the problem is related to it. Changing these on your own is pretty simple, however, you will need to purchase the engine oil and filters from a store. If you don’t pay attention to the sound and don’t replace the oil or filters, then your engine can get damaged and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Considering this, you should keep a spare bottle of engine Knocking Soundsoil stored in your vehicle. Moreover, running a maintenance check on the motorhome before going out for trips is also essential to avoid similar problems in the future.

3. Sway Problems

Sometimes when you are driving at high speeds, you may notice that the vehicle is somewhat unstable and will even sway around. This may be scary, but understand that most motorhomes are built to be driven at a medium-to-slow pace. Avoid going at high speeds and be careful when making turns.

If this problem persists even though you’re not driving too fast, then you can install a sway bar on your vehicle. This balances out the weight on your motorhome which increases its stability and reduces sway from it. Other than this, keeping your tires filled up will also help you to get a better road grip and avoid swaying.

4. HVAC Problems

Most of the time your RV’s air conditioning is a necessity more than a luxury. If you take big yearly trips that expand over the summer months, then you need strong air conditioning to save yourself from the brutal heat. So it’s downright annoying when you come from a hike or foraging trip to only discover that your RV isn’t cooling like it’s supposed to.

Fortunately, HVAC troubles are usually caused by minor issues that can be fixed yourself, and you may not need to go to a professional repair service in most cases.

The likely culprits behind HVAC problems like weak airflow or air not being cool enough are dirty vent filters. You can temporarily clean them, but replacing the filters is a more permanent solution . That’s why it’s always advised to keep air filters with you on board when driving your Dynamax Isata 5 around.

If cleaning filters doesn’t fix the issue, your thermostat could be busted. A failed thermostat doesn’t communicate with the air conditioner properly. If you have an extra thermostat, you can follow any online tutorial and replace it yourself in a couple of minutes. You can refer to the user manual as well.

If both the fixes fail, then you need to contact a repair shop. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to get a new air conditioning unit for your RV.

5. Electrical Problems

Before we begin, it’s good to note that if you’re uncomfortable fixing electrical issues, it’s best to get professional help. But some electrical problems, like failed switches or push buttons, can be fixed by replacing them yourself. These are minor procedures that around-the-house handypeople can do. You can replace malfunctioning outlets yourself too.

These electrical problems come after regular use or when the life of a component has ended. Since they’re inevitable, keeping spare parts is a good idea.

Other electrical problems, like a failed battery that doesn’t generate enough power, need to be checked by professionals. Replacing your RV battery with a lithium-ion one can be a bit complicated and needs a few items like an RV power inverter.

6. Worn-Out Brakes

Last on the list is worn-out brakes, which is an over-time degeneration due to regular use. Brake components are the most prone to breaking down, so the best way to stop failed brakes from ruining your trip is to get them checked before you hit the road every time.

It’s also important to top off your brake fluid when it gets low. Replacing the brake shoes, rotors, or drums when you’re getting other mechanical work done is also a good idea.

That concludes our list of problems to watch out for. If you are getting any other issues then contact the support team for Dynamax to help you out.

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  1. New owner of a 28ss Explorer. Less than 5K mi. This is the biggest POS unit in the world. Barn door fell the [email protected]£ off will driving on the pavement. Never have drove in dirt. Slide already stopped working. Fridge door already broke just turning corners. Bathroom door already fell apart. Shower door hardware fell off. Front heat pump shuts down the generator. And there’s more. In just 5K mi!!!! POS

    • I saw a new one at dealer where barn door with tv mount went south during delivery. Damaged wall it crashed into. Really bad design.

    • Totally agree. Biggest POS on the market. 2021 28ss 2nd owner. First owner sold after 4 mo. Now I know why. And of course when I tried to get warranty service with only 5k mi and only 6mo old the factory told me to f¥€£ off since I’m the second owner.
      If I could find more forums I would copy this to every single one. Base unit is awesome (for the most part). Every single bit of trim is complete garbage. Laminate pealing. Barn door fell off several times. Frig door broke. Cabinet latches broke. Front heat pump failed. Shower hand helds(both) broke. Operable window handle broke. Screens fells off and won’t go back. Tank sensors failed. Shower wall peeled off. Shower door is pulling off the wall. Should I go on? For $170K I shouldn’t have to. Dynamax is complete crap. And will never answer the phone or return messages.
      I’ve been a plumbing contractor 20 years and have done 85M in work. And been paid every single penny billed once client is 100% satisfied. I know construction and quality. This RV quality is complete crap.


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