3 Common Dometic RV Microwave Problems (Troubleshooting)

dometic rv microwave troubleshooting
dometic rv microwave troubleshooting

Most camping enthusiasts have a recreational vehicle or motorhome with them because of all the features provided on these. You have access to several rooms as well as lots of storage to keep all of your luggage.

This makes it a lot of fun to go out on long trips because you will feel like you are traveling in your own home. Although, keep in mind that not every RV has the same amount of equipment on them.

This is why companies like Dometic manufacture several products that can be installed on your RVs to add new features to them. One of the most used devices from the brand is their microwaves.

There is a huge lineup that you can select from which makes these products amazing. However, there are also some issues that you can run into with these. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common Dometic RV Microwave problems along with troubleshooting steps that will fix them.

Troubleshooting Common Dometic RV Microwave Problems

  1. Electrical Issues

Having a microwave from Dometic in your vehicle can be amazing as you can heat food or even bake stuff in it. Although, when it comes to running into problems with this device.

You might be quite annoyed, but keep in mind that most of these issues can be fixed easily. While the troubleshooting steps for the microwaves from Dometic will depend on what model you are using. One of the most common reasons for errors is due to electrical issues.

This is why you should start by checking if your power cable is tightly installed in the socket. If it was then there might be something wrong with your outlet instead. Several methods can be used to test these sockets.

Although, if you are hesitant to do this on your own then contact an electrician to do it for you. This is important as checking electrical wirings can be quite dangerous. With that being said, you can start by taking readings of your socket using a voltmeter.

If you notice that there are any fluctuations in current or if there is no power at all. Then your outlet is most likely broken. If you do not have a voltmeter with you then use a lamp to test these sockets.

You can also check the other outlets in your vehicle to confirm if the problem was from a specific plug or with the batteries on your RV instead. Considering this, a broken outlet can easily be replaced with a new one and the batteries of your vehicle are also be troubleshot with ease.

  1. Microwave Not Heating Properly

Another common issue that people report getting on their microwaves from Dometic is that these will not heat food properly. You should note that one of the best things about these devices is the number of features on them. Considering this, there are several modes provided to the user on most microwaves from Dometic.

These can be used to adjust the heat levels on your microwave so that you can make different types of dishes. Talking about this, the problem that users have is that they do not set up these configurations properly. You might be on defrost or baking mode while you only wanted to heat your food.

This is why you should consult the manual provided by Dometic to check all the settings on your device. Going through these carefully will help you in configuring the different modes whenever you want to use your oven. This should also help you in fixing your problem by increasing the heat levels on your equipment.

  1. Microwave Running but Not Cooking

Finally, another common issue that many people using these devices have reported is that the microwave starts running but it does not cook their food. You can usually notice if the device is running or not by observing the timer on the device’s main control panel.

However, if the timer keeps on going and the microwave is not heating or cooking your food. Then there is a high chance that the door has not been completely shut off.

Something might be stuck in it or you might have simply forgotten to properly close the door. Whatever the case might be, tightly shutting the device’s door should allow it to start heating your food.

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