Dometic NDR1292 Replacement (Guide)

dometic ndr1292 replacement
dometic ndr1292 replacement


The modern age has produced a substantially higher quality of living. This luxury is not exclusive to typical homes, as the recreational vehicle industry has been trying to keep up for the last several years RVs are becoming increasingly well-equipped, with customers holding increasingly high standards.

RVs are becoming increasingly well-equipped

This includes the capacity for electrical appliances we have become increasingly dependent on. Refrigeration is a key component of these requirements. These typically power-hungry appliances have been expertly engineered to run off a comparatively small power source an RV has to offer.

The Dometic NDR1292 is no exception. This precisely designed refrigeration unit is ideal for any high-end RV configuration. However, over time some of its components will fail and need to be replaced. Therefore, this article will highlight some critical components that need to be replaced.

What is a Dometic NDR12992?

It is significant first understand the origins and ethos of the Dometic brand. They are a Swedish company that specializes in electrical goods within the recreational vehicle industry. More specifically, they focus particularly on food and beverage equipment as well as a variety of other onboard electrical goods.

They produce the NDR12992 refrigeration model, which has been explicitly designed to handle the electrical conditions available in typical RVs.

More specifically, it is orientated for DC low-voltage electrical energy. This remarkable design will allow it to function for very long periods with substantially less electrical energy compared to a standard home alternative.

Moreover, it has also been designed with the capacity to function using propane which is a typical fuel utilized by heating cooking appliances in modern RVs. This ingenious and perfect adaptation to consumer needs has proven this model to be a convenient appliance.

Dometic NDR1292 Replacement

Failure To Operate

Failure To Operate

Unfortunately, like every electrical appliance, the Dometic will eventually break down. Regardless of the highest production standards and quality control, inevitably, the appliance will be at fault at some point. Be mindful that a refrigerator is one of the most reliable devices, considering the length of time it can be in operation.

Performing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will inevitably take its toll after several years of consistent use. Most often, however, these issues are usually the result of a particular element of the apparatus failing rather than a complete system failure.

Won’t Switch On

Won’t Switch On

If the fridge will not cool down, ensure that you have waited an appropriate amount of time. This is particularly true if the unit has been left off for an extended period. If the refrigerator is failing to cool down, then the gas and electrical supply should be inspected.

If it is gas-operated, then the supply can and should be checked easily to identify if the canister needs to be replaced.

Alternatively, identify if there is an appropriate electrical current at the necessary voltage to function optimally. This can be assessed by using a multimeter to test the current levels during operation.

using a multimeter to test

If voltage is detected at 10% less than the battery rating (12V or 24V), then it is a clear indicator that the battery either has a low charge or has died. If there is no detection, there will likely be a loose/broken connection or a blown fuse.

The fuse should be replaced like for like and can be completed quickly. However, if the problem cannot be resolved, then an experienced technician may have to investigate. Again, dealing with electricity is dangerous and should be dealt with with caution.

Gas Pressure

Gas Pressure

The propane supply must be appropriately pressurized for the internal mechanisms to operate for the refrigerator to function optimally. The primary symptom of these issues is a lack of or weak cooling capacity .

Often this is the result of low gas storage, which compromises the output pressure from the liquid gas storage canister. Therefore, the best course of action is to inspect the gas supply and ensure there is a minimum of 25% remaining. If ample gas remains, there may be an issue with the input or solenoid valve system.

The primary function of the components is gas flow regulation and ignition. These are robust components with few moving parts to the cooling mechanism. However, over time, they will begin to fail over time due to contaminant build-up as well as general wear and tear.

The best course of action would be to have the Dometic professionally serviced. Due to the potentially fatal implications of an improperly operating valve set-up, it is crucial that it is dealt with carefully.

It will need to be fully replaced if it cannot be serviced. In addition, as the NDR1292 is no longer manufactured, there will have to be after-market components installed which can cause problems.

Unusual Odors

Unusual Odors

Over time unusual odors may become present when using the refrigeration unit. However, it can be challenging to identify due to the nature of organic goods that are typically stored.

Most often, the noxious smell can be noticed during a full refrigerator clear-out. At this point, owners identify another smell usually emitted from the base of the unit.

Initially, there should be a full unit inspection to identify any food that has been dropped and hidden under or around the refrigerator which has festered and begun to smell. If this is not the case, then there is likely to be a problem coming from the ignition unit.

It is often the result of organic debris that is being heated during the ignition process or generally. The burner is beginning to fail and overburn. Again this is a component that should be replaced professionally to ensure a rigorous safety inspection can be completed to guarantee peace of mind.


Ultimately, there are a number of potential issues that can arise from a Dometic NDR1292 over time. Fortunately, there is a thriving after-market industry with reasonably priced replacement parts widely available.

Although the replacements should generally be completed professionally, owners can put their mind at ease knowing that when their Dometic breaks down that they have to replace the entire unit.

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