RV Toilet Brands Comparison: Thetford vs Dometic

RV Toilet Brands Comparison: Thetford vs Dometic
RV Toilet Brands Comparison: Thetford vs Dometic

Thetford vs. Dometic RV Toilet Brands

If you are considering buying or upgrading a toilet inside your RV, you need to be aware of how important this decision is. Toilets are usually something people don’t spend a lot of time thinking of, and simply buy whatever as long as it works, but we need to remember you are going to be on the road for many hours and days. Especially if you have small children you can’t always depend on stopping in the middle of the road if there are not appropriate stops, so having your own toilet is a must. This is why you need to have an adequate toilet for you and your family, that will be as useful as it is needed.

This need for toilets has become essential for basic human living spaces, and in this day and age, we can’t imagine ourselves without one. Luckily for us, there are different options to choose from. In this post, we will compare 2 of the most popular brands and types: Thetford toilets and Dometic RV toilets. We will go through their similarities and differences to see which one could be a better option for your family.

Let’s start with explaining each one of these popular brands, since the models they both offer, are very different from the typical house toilets we are all used to.

Thetford toilets are a 2-piece toilet, that flushes actual freshwater that is located inside the appliance. While Dometic toilets offer a variety of portable toilets as well depending on liters, they visually look very different from Thetford bathrooms and there are models made of ceramic.


Price is sometimes a reason that makes or breaks a deal, in this case, it will really not affect your decision to choose one over the other since both of them range between the same prices. You can find both brands from $100-$300 USD approximately depending on the style you choose or what special characteristics it has.


Thetford toilets are completely sealed so you don’t have to worry about leaks, very easy to move around and transport and they hold their own water supply when it comes to flushing. Dometic toilets are known for being very quiet and spending a low amount of water in every flush and are very easy to clean. They also offer smaller sizes like the world-famous 310 series.


Thetfort toilet seats can be customized by the owners to offer a more comfortable position and Dometic toilets try to focus a lot on the materials of the seat and toilet in general to offer a softer like feeling. They both offer standard size models.

Both options are really good but it depends mostly on what model in specific you are interested in or if there is a characteristic that is more important than the rest. Check their websites to look at the great models they offer to see which one is better for your RV and of course, your needs.

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