Here’s a Guide to Choosing Which RV Type is Best for You

Here's a Guide to Choosing Which RV Type is Best for You
Here’s a Guide to Choosing Which RV Type is Best for You

How to Choose the Best Recreational Vehicle Type

The freedom of the RV lifestyle may strike a chord with you, and you’ve decided you want to buy or rent an RV. But which type? Travel trailer, 5th Wheel, truck camper or a Class A, B or C motorhome each type of RV has its advantages. So Let’s try to narrow it down a bit for you.

What Type of Travel Do You want to Do?

Is off-grid camping your goal? Or would you prefer a luxury RV resort? Or something in-between? The first step in deciding what type of RV to get depends on what type of RV lifestyle you want.

If your dream is to go camping off-grid in nature, then a 4×4 truck camper may be ideal for you. Likewise, a 4×4 truck and a small travel trailer with a high ground clearance would work beautifully. Alternately, a 4×4 adventure van would be great, however, it may not have the same amenities as a truck camper or trailer, such as a bathroom.

If you would like to stay at RV resorts, nothing beats a Class A motorhome. A large 5th Wheel trailer is also suitable for going from one RV resort to another. Ground clearance isn’t an issue, and a luxury Class A or 5th Wheel will get you from place to place in comfort and style.

If you are thinking of something in-between, such as occasional stays at an RV park, alternating with state and national parks as well as a little dry camping, then a Class C motorhome, a Class B van or a small to medium-sized travel trailer will do. Do a little research into the types of places you’d like to stay; some have length limits, so you want to keep your RV as small as is comfortable.

To Tow or Not to Tow?

This is perhaps the next most important thing to consider. You need to decide if you feel comfortable towing a trailer. Of course, the advantage to a trailer is you can unhitch the truck and have a vehicle to run errands and sight-see. And a 4×4 truck can get you out of a sticky situation, such as mud or sand.

Likewise, would you feel comfortable driving a large motorhome?  One advantage of a motorhome is you won’t need to exit the RV in order to drive off. Many single women will choose a motorhome for this reason; they feel safer knowing they can jump right into the driver’s seat and take off if they need to.


A bumper-pull travel trailer is the least expensive way to get into RVing, especially if you already have a truck. Be sure to match any trailer you purchase to the towing capacity of your truck; exceeding your weight limits is a good way to get into an accident.

New motorhomes are very expensive, and surprisingly, the small Class B vans are often the most expensive, especially if you are buying used. However, motorhomes also hold their value better than a travel trailer.


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