Why Choose an RV Park?

Why Choose an RV Park?
Why Choose an RV Park?

When you’re traveling around the country in an RV, you’ll have many options where you can stay; you can stay at the state and national parks, camp on forest service and BLM land, or spend a night at Walmart or at a truck stop. While these are good options, and state and national parks offer beautiful landscapes, sometimes you’ll need an RV park.

Advantages of an RV Park

While state and national parks may (or may not) offer an electrical hook up and a sewer dump station, they’re unlikely to offer full hookups. Full hookups include electric, water and sewer at your site. You won’t need to move your RV to get fresh water or dump your tanks, it’s all right there.

Many RV parks have free wi-fi; this may be important if staying online is important to you. Many rural locations have poor mobile internet service, and free wi-fi at an RV park might be your only option.

RV parks have laundromats, and sooner or later, you’re going to have to do laundry. It’s often much easier to do laundry at an RV park than a laundromat, where you may have difficulty parking.

Some RV parks also sell propane, and you’ll be able to easily refill your tank.

An RV park is a safe place to leave your RV if you need to run errands, such as shopping, going to the post office or attending an event.

You can receive mail and packages at an RV park. At times, you may need to order something online and have it delivered, and an RV park can serve as a delivery address.

A few RV parks also have group activities, such as playing cards and other games, Happy Hour, and group tours of the local area. Some may even serve breakfast for their guests.

Some RV parks have a swimming pool, and some may even have tennis courts, bicycle rentals, kayak and boat rentals, etc.

If You Are an Off-Grid RVer

Even if you like visiting the state and national parks, or camping off-grid, an occasional visit to an RV park is something nearly every full-time RVer will need to do.  Sometimes, it will be the easiest way to dump your waste tanks and refill your fresh water tank, as well as do your laundry. It’s also a good place to receive mail and packages.

How Much Does an RV Park Cost?

The price can vary a lot; typically, a basic RV park in the Western and Southern states ranges from $25-35 a night. A luxury RV “resort” with a swimming pool and lots of amenities can range between $45-60 per night. Cost varies by location too; California and the Eastern states will cost you more. Likewise, you’ll usually get a discount rate if you stay a week, and an even deeper discount if you stay for a month.


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