3 Ways To Prepare For Camping In 100 Degree Fahrenheit Weather

camping in 100 degree weather
camping in 100 degree weather

Camping is enjoyed throughout the world not caring about how the weather is. People have been known to go out in extremely cold as well as extremely hot situations while still enjoying their trip. Although these types of camping trips are not for everyone as this takes a lot of courage to do.

People might even end up getting hurt on some of these dangerous journeys. Still, there is a huge number of people that are daring enough to go out on an adventure even in extreme conditions.

Talking about this, it can get a little difficult to go out and enjoy while you are in the scorching heat. There are several factors that need to be looked out for. However, if you are indeed prepared for everything then you will surely enjoy your camping even out in 100-degree weather.

The reason why someone might like going out in so much heat is that they seem to love the feeling of packing on coolers and light clothes and then relaxing in the outdoor atmosphere.

Ways To Prepare For Camping In 100 Degree Fahrenheit Weather

1. Staying Cool While Camping in Your Tent

One of the most important things you need to look out for is that your camp stays cool. This will help you stay relaxed without having to worry about anything. It is recommended that you disassemble the then you are staying in during the day. This is because while in a scorching heat, your tent will end up acting as a greenhouse.

This means that all the sun ray’s coming in will get absorbed by your tent and it will become extremely hot from the inside. So, when you step in your tent, it will feel like that you have just walked into a steam bath.

Another thing to be considered is even though your tent might be made from heat resistant materials, it will still end up absorbing a lot of heat so you should still take it down during the day.

2. Drink Lots of Water

When staying in such a hot climate, it should be obvious that you need to keep your body hydrated at all times. This will help you in staying cool, healthy as well as safe throughout your camping journey.

Water requires a lot of heat to be absorbed before it changes its temperature. This is why people even end up using in their car’s radiators as a substitute of coolants. The fact that more than 60% of your body is made up of just water means that if you keep it hydrated well enough then it act as a perfect counter to all the heat and prevent you from overheating.

3. Cold Shower Before Sleeping

One last thing to note is that if you are staying near a body of water. Then you should take the chance to immerse yourself in that water during the night. This should be right before you go to your bed and sleep.

By doing this the cold water will keep your internal temperature extremely low. Also, helping you to fall asleep easily while being comfortably.

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