3 Common Azdel Problems (Troubleshooting)

azdel problems
azdel problems

Recreational Vehicles and motorhomes used plywood on the exterior of these vehicles to protect them from water, temperature, and similar stuff. Even though the material was quite resistant to them, users still ran into a lot of issues.

The plywood slowly deteriorated, which ended up damaging even the interior of these vehicles. The only way to fix this was to get all the roofs and side panels of your vehicle replaced.

This is where Azdel comes in, this is a product made from fiberglass and polypropylene that makes a stronger coating on the exterior, while also being lighter. Most RV owners have started to move on to using Azdel on the exterior of their vehicles instead of plywood.

You can even find a list of all the companies that use this material online. Although, while Azdel is a great product, you can still get some problems with it. In case you do, here are some ways to fix them.

Azdel Problems

  1. Delamination

The most common problem that you can get on your travel trailers is delamination. This is when the outer layer of your vehicle that is made out of fiberglass starts to separate slowly from the plywood used on the exterior.

Alternatively, some vehicles might even use gel coating to attach these. While using Azdel usually prevents this problem, it is important to note that delamination is almost impossible to stop.

Even if you are using Azdel on the exterior of your vehicle, it will eventually start to delaminate. The only way to stop this from happening is to keep regular maintenance over your vehicle.

These include cleaning up your RV and wiping off any water that has been left on it from rain. Also, make sure to store your vehicle in a location where it is not directly in contact with water. Aside from this, some people might still start to notice delamination on their vehicles.

If this happens then it is recommended that you purchase a repair kit. Usually, repair kits provided for delamination can cost the user about 200 to even 300$, which is quite expensive.

But these are essential because your vehicle can get extremely damaged without them. If the interior of your vehicle also starts to rot then it will end up costing you a lot more than this. Considering this, it is best to stop delamination from spreading any further once you notice it.

  1. Expensive

Azdel is a great product that is considered to be 50% lighter than Luan or also known as plywood. On top of this, it is more durable and will last you a long time. The product also protects its users from much more than plywood.

When you take all of this into notice, you might wonder why plywood has not already been replaced by Azdel. This is because Azdel is usually used in boats to protect their exterior from getting damaged.

The product is extremely expensive and will cost you a fortune. This is why people are still using plywood on their vehicles. Although, if you have the budget to go for Azdel then you should do that.

The product is a direct upgrade from Luan and beats it under every single condition. You can even confirm this by taking a look at all the ratings this has received. Almost everyone is satisfied with the services provided by it.

  1. No Warranty

Azdel is an excellent product that you should use in your vehicle. However, it is important to note that the company provides its users with no warranty services.

In case of the product getting damaged, the users will have to compensate for it themselves. Another big problem with it is that if the user orders the product and does not receive it.

Then the company will only provide a refund of about 10%. This can be quite frustrating to deal with. Considering this, if you are someone that lives in areas where the product can be bought directly then this is still a good option for you.

But if that is not the case then it is better that you just wait for the product to become available in your area as well. Purchasing such an expensive product without a warranty can be dangerous so keep this in mind.

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