3 Common Avida Caravan Problems

Avida caravan problems
Avida caravan problems

Avida is a famous company that is known for manufacturing some of the best motorhomes for its users. The brand has a huge lineup that you can select from.

Although, this is exactly why it is important to check the specifications for these vehicles before you purchase them. This is because these vehicles have different sizes and the number of equipment installed on them will also depend on what model you are getting.

One of the most popular lineups from Avida is their Caravans. These are trailers that you can tow down with your vehicle and then carry around. While these might be amazing, some problems can be found on an Avida Caravan. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few common issues that you can run into along with ways to fix them.

Avida Caravan Problems and Their Solutions

  1. Stability Issues

One of the most common problems that many people have reported running into with the Caravans from Avida is related to its stability. When driving at high speeds, your trailer will sway around a lot which makes it difficult to control it.

Additionally, the user has to keep their entire concentration on the road even when they are driving in a straight line without making any turns. This can easily start to get annoying but you should note that sway problems are common on trailers like these.

Although, if you keep some things in mind then most of these issues can be avoided. The first thing that you should look out for is the pressure rating in your tires. If these have started to drop below the recommended value then you will notice a lot of sways when driving at high speeds. Additionally, your tires will wear out faster, requiring you to replace them with new ones.

This is why make sure that you keep the PSI rating in check at all times so that you can get them filled whenever it runs low. Aside from this, putting in too much air in your tires will also damage them.

One way to avoid all this hassle is by installing small sensors on your tires that will keep the air in them checked. You will then be notified whenever these start to run low. Just make sure that you select a reliable brand when purchasing these sensors because this will determine how long they last you.

  1. Slide Out Issues

Another common issue that many people using Avida Caravan have reported is that its slide-outs run into problems. Slide-outs are small rooms that can be extended from your vehicle to give you more space.

When it comes to running into problems with these, you should note that there are tons of things that can cause these. The first thing that you should check is if your vehicle is in parking or not. Usually, these slide-outs have a security feature on them that prevents them from opening while the vehicle is running.

Considering this, your problem might be due to this. If not, then you can open the slide-out panel and access the wirings in it. Some of these might have come off or gotten damaged. Replace these with new ones to fix your problem.

You should also try cleaning the motor because sometimes debris can get stuck in it. This prevents the device from functioning which is why you must clean the motor and lubricate it frequently. Finally, in some cases, the problem can simply be from the motor being dead. In this case, you will have to order a new motor and replace it with the faulty one.

  1. Weight Distribution

When towing down a heavy trailer like this Caravan from Avida, there are some things that you need to look out for. The most important this is that you distribute the weight between your vehicles carefully.

This might take you some time but it will ensure that you do not run into problems while you are on your trip. You can usually visit a workshop that has a digital scale at them to weigh your vehicle and trailer.

This will then help you to distribute the weight equally between your vehicles. Additionally, avoid putting on too much stress on the tongue of your hitch.

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