3 Common Allison Transmission Shift Selector Problems

allison transmission shift selector problems
allison transmission shift selector problems

Allison is one of the largest transmission manufacturers for commercial duty automatic transmissions. They are located in US and are in the business for over a decade now. This gives Allison Transmission an edge over all sort of competitors and you can clearly see the quality as they are being used for all the major brands out there.

Their transmissions are fully automatic and are being used for a wide range of vehicular types including those medium sized Vans and RVs and the heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

There are seldom problems that you will have to get through if you got an Allison Transmission on the Vehicle that you are using.

Yet, there are some common problems that might occur due to a number of reasons and you will need to know how to troubleshoot them properly to have the right experience for all sorts of driving experience and needs you might have.

A few of these common problems that you might have to face and their most common solutions are:

Allison Transmission Shift Selector Problems

1) Delayed Shifting

One of the most common problems that you might have to deal with on automatic transmissions is the delayed shifting and you will have to make sure that you are finding the right solution for it.

The delayed shifting can be caused due to a lot of problems like improper air intake or some of the problems with the transmission oils. The transmission oil plays they key factor for a smooth transmission and it doesn’t only protect the transmission from all sorts of wear and tear but it is also the best thing to have for smooth shifting.

So, if you are facing the delay in shifting between the gears and you feel the vehicle to be sluggish while shifting, you will need to check on the transmission oil of your Alisson transmission.

You will have to make sure that there are optimally no leakages at all on the transmission oil pan and that the oil levels are optimal. If not, you will need to top up the oil to an optimal level and that is going to help you out perfectly in making it work for you.

Be mindful that you will also need to change the transmission oil regularly depending on the transmission you have from Allison Transmissions and the grade of oil you are using. So, you will need to consult the dealership or the owner manual and that will help you out perfectly in making sure that there are no such problems with the delay in shifting with your transmission.

2) Jerk While Shifting

Another common issue that is faced with the transmission is jerks while shifting and that is not at all a pleasant thing to face. So, you will need to make sure that you are not only replacing the transmission oil once you do so, but you will also have to flush the transmission as there might be some gunk on it that could be the reason behind it.

So, you will need to drain all the transmission oil from transmission and then flushing it with some cleaner to sort out that gunk problem for you. Afterwards, you can replace the transmission oil properly with the right grade of oil and that will help you out perfectly.

Another common reason behind these jerks is the use of improper or worn-out transmission oil, so you will always need to follow the oil changing schedule regularly, and choose the appropriate grade of oil that is recommended by Allison transmissions for your vehicle. This will help you appropriately with solving the problem that you are facing with the jerks.

3) Gears not aligned with the lever

Another common problem that you have to face is that gears are not properly aligned with the transmission shifter you have in the cabin of your vehicle. This is often caused after some transmission repair and it is pretty easy to fix.

The problem is caused due to the shifter cable being too long or too short and you need to get it aligned properly. You will have to take your vehicle to the dealership so that they will be able to get the vehicle checked and size the shifter cable properly and connect it to the shifter and transmission in appropriate manner.

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