3 Common Alfa See Ya Problems (Troubleshooting)

alfa see ya problems
alfa see ya problems

Alfa See Ya was a famous brand that used to manufacture motorhomes for their users. These vehicles were known for being some of the best recreational vehicles around.

The best thing about them was the storage space that they provided. You could take your whole family with you on your trip and still have room for luggage.

On top of this, the vehicle provided its users with a completely stable ride even when riding over a bumpy road. Additionally, the motorhome had diesel engine variants as well which were great for long trips.

There are tons of features that the Alfa See Ya provides but you should note that there are some downsides as well. We will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that you can get on this vehicle and how you can fix them.

Alfa See Ya Problems

  1. Interior Problems

When you first enter your vehicle, you will see that it is filled with cabinets. While these might be good for storage, some users have complained that the wooden framed on these is very weak.

Furthermore, the backing in these drawers and cabinets is also very thin and can get damaged easily. Although, you should keep in mind that the Alfa See Ya is a cheap vehicle.

These cabinets are more than great for a vehicle of this budget. Users are provided with tons of features that make up for small issues like these.

But you should use the storage in your vehicle carefully and avoid it getting in contact with water. This will help in your cabinets lasting you a long time.

  1. Seals Coming Off

The interior of the Alfa See Ya looks beautiful, but on the other hand, the exterior can get damaged quite easily.

Users have reported that the seals start to come off when they take their vehicle in a cold climate. This can be dangerous because the water, dust, and cold can enter your vehicle from the roof. This will then end up damaging the interior of your vehicle as well.

The only way to prevent this is by resealing the roof and side of your motorhome. Start by taking off the old seal completely and then clean it off using a scraper. You can then use a tape or liquid solution to attach the seals back in their place.

These will become solid after some time and your seals should now be in perfect condition. Although, one important thing is to ensure that the product you use is made by a reliable company.

This ensures that the users won’t be running into any problems regarding the seals later on. If you are confused about which sealing product to purchase then you can check online for recommendations or ask some of your friends who are experienced with these things.

Lastly, the damages on the exterior can be repaired by simply getting your motorhome a new paint job. This will bring it back to top-notch condition and you can also use a good quality wax to prevents further damages to the exterior.

  1. Mileage Problems

One other common problem that people can get with the Alfa See Ya is mileage issues. The vehicle is very large and burns off a lot of fuel while driving around.

Keeping this in mind, if you are someone who enjoys going out for really long driving trips then the tank on this vehicle might not be enough for you. While the obvious solution for it would be getting your fuel refilled once it starts to run low.

Some areas don’t have fuel stations nearby. This is why it is better that you keep spare fuel in your vehicle. You can then use it to fill up your motorhome when it is running low on power. Alternatively, you can purchase a diesel-fueled Alfa See Ya instead. The motorhome comes in many different variants out of which some use CAT’s diesel engines.

Although. this is in case you haven’t already bought one, the diesel-powered engine ensures that you can go out on long trips without having to worry about the fuel. It provides its users with great mileage and you can stay worry-free and relaxed while driving around.

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  1. my alfa seeya slideout motor keeps breaking the motor mounts, wanting to change the motor to a hydraulic system, has been done before.???


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