3 Best 3-Way Fridge For Camper Review 2022

3 way fridge for camper
3 way fridge for camper

Refrigerator and fridges are the best things that one can get for their camper vans. Well, who wouldn’t like a chilled beer or simply having cool water after a hot day in the summer with outdoor activities? The fridge can also help with keeping the frozen food at the right temperature, making it a perfect addition to your camping experience.

Henceforth, fridges are a must-have thing for any camper van that you are planning to take out for camping. Simply put, you cannot possibly enjoy the trip and the whole camping experience without having a fridge on your RV.

However, supplying it with the right power can be an issue as we all know that fridge compressors can take quite some power on the circuit. Either you will have to get really large batteries on the RV or simply a generator to supply that much power. However, there is a better way for the campers and that would be a 3-way fridge.

A 3-way fridge essentially works on all 3 power sources are 12/24-volt, 240-volt that is regular current, and even LPG gas. Such fridges don’t have a compressor inside them to cool down the temperature.

Instead, they work the other way around. They will simply extract the heat and then create a fold inside to keep all that you keep inside the fridge at a relatively cooler temperature. If you are looking for some options for the 3-way fridge for your camper, here are a few options for you.

Best 3-Way Fridge For Camper

1. Smad 3 Way Refrigerator 12v Fridge

Smad store is the right option for you to get a 3-way refrigerator for your RV if you care about the aesthetics more than being on the budget. They are offering a pretty sleek and minimalistic design to go perfectly with any modernly designed RV with the right interior to get it better looks.

These refrigerators come with a metallic finish on the outside that makes them add to the aesthetics of your van and make it look more presentable. Needless to mention that they can be operated by all 3 power sources that 3-way refrigerators are known for, making it just the perfect choice for you to have for your camper van, or if you are looking to get your hands on some solution for off-grid cooling at your home.

There are multiple size options that are being offered by Smad, making it easier for you to get the right refrigerator that will not only be enough for your storage and cooling needs but can also help you with filling up appropriate space.

The mechanical controls on the refrigerator, equipped with a thermostat for both gas and electricity separately allow you better control and make it easier to operate. The best part is that it has zero running sounds at all and you will feel like it is not even there.

The removable shelves inside these refrigerators allow you to customize the fridge from inside and you can store anything that you might want including bottles, juice containers, canned food, and whatnot. Ultimately, this would be the best and most aesthetical option for your RV if you have the right budget to spend on it and that will not be an issue for you.

2. Norcold 323T R/L 323 Small RV Refrigerator

Norcold is the oldest and probably the most authentic brand to supply heating and cooling equipment for the RVs and Camper Vans. That makes it the first choice for any camper who has a thing for camping vehicles for quite some time now. Nostalgia is a thing, but these Norcold refrigerators are certainly the right bang for bucks.

These are durable and will last you for decades without causing you any sorts of issues or problems with the usage. That makes you certain that the refrigerator is reliable and you are all packed for a trip for summer or spring with no issues to face.

The looks might not be much and there are no color or size options either to choose from. However, the size you normally get on this one is pretty great and works for a normal size RV perfectly.

The color scheme is a point of discussion still since this is subjective and some people out there might not approve of this off-white shade but it is easy to clean so can make up for it.

Moving forward, the refrigerator comes with a travel storage latch so you will not have to worry about the additional fittings and you can make it fit inside your camper van securely. The door is easily reversible to 180 degrees. Making it work for any size or style of the RV interior you might have.

3. SMETA 3 Way Fridge Propane Refrigerator

SMETA is the best thing that you can get as it offers the best of both worlds. While saving on the bucks and getting an affordable solution, the aesthetics on this one is second to none. That will not only help your RV look cooler, but also help you with keeping everything that you have a cool well.

As good as it might sound, the reliability of this refrigerator has mixed reviews, but if you aren’t afraid of trying and you want to get your hands on something truly great with all the right features in the best price bracket, then you should definitely be considering this one. The RV refrigerator can run on all three input power sources that are 12volt, 110V, or LPG gas if need be.

Moreover, all the shelves inside are removable and adjustable so you will never have to worry about the size of containers or bottles that you might want to cool down using this refrigerator. Also, there are cutting edge technologies used to make it run efficiently and without any noises.

Final Words

These are some of the best 3-way refrigerators that you can possibly get your hands on and get the best possible experience off them. You just have to choose based on the needs that you have and the budget range you are working with.

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