What Is A 2-way Fridge For RV?

What Is A 2-way Fridge For RV?
What Is A 2-way Fridge For RV?

What Is A 2-way Fridge For RV?

The importance of refrigerating food lies primarily in the proper maintenance of products and their preservation. Why is it important to refrigerate food? Basically, by storing food at a temperature below 8ºC, microorganisms and the enzymatic action of the food itself can be considerably reduced, delaying its degradation and deterioration. Therefore, it is essential to have a fridge inside your RV, especially if you are planning to be on the road for long trips.

After spending so many days inside your RV, the most convenient thing to do is to keep your own food to prepare meals inside your RV. Many times, people don’t even camp nearby restaurants or stores so having your own place to store food is the best. There are several different options to choose from when it comes to fridges but today, we will talk about a very popular option among RV users, the 2-way fridge for RVs. We will mention some of their most notorious characteristics.

What is a 2-way fridge?

Also referred to as Compressor fridges for RVs. These types of appliances, like their name, says, can run on 2 different power sources. If they are getting power from your RV battery, they will run on 12-24 volts, but if they are running on the power outlet of a camping site or a portable generator you own, they will run on 240 volts. This is the main reason why people opt for 2-way fridges, due to its versatility.

Cooling power

Another big attractive with 2-way fridges is that their cooling system offers a really strong power source that helps to keep it under really cold and consistent temperatures, even when your RV is stationed in a hot area during summer your food and drinks will not be affected at all. A lot of 2-way fridge lovers and users sometimes even opt to use it as a freezer, that’s how cold it can get.


Just like everything else that is designed to be used exclusively inside an RV or other recreational vehicles such as boats, yachts, etc. a 2-way fridge tends to be on the high-end side when it comes to its price, at least compared to regular home fridges. You can find 2-way fridges ranging from at least $1,000 USD up to $5,000 USD, depending on how luxurious it is and its size.

How much does a 2-way fridge last?

This is a downside to this great appliance, compared to other fridges that will easily last more than 20 years, 2-way fridges have a relatively short life span. They can last only 10-15 years, considering you do proper maintenance on them regularly.

Now you know of a new option to choose from to store your food during your trips. Food is a really important component during your adventures with your family and you will need the best of the best.


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