3 Common WFCO 9855 Converter Problems (Troubleshooting)

wfco 9855 converter problems
wfco 9855 converter problems

While people go out on camping trips to enjoy the wildlife. Some want to keep their memories saved. You can use smartphones and cameras to capture these moments. However, the most essential thing for these devices is having access to electricity. Without it, you will most likely run out of battery in a single day.

This is where converters come in that can be used on your vehicle. Most camping grounds that give people access to electrical outlets require a converter. You can then directly plug your RV in them to get access to unlimited electricity.

You can charge or use your appliances without having to go through much trouble. Though, when using the WFCO 9855 Converter, you can still get a few problems. We will be using this article to provide you with some common issues that you can find and ways to fix them.

WFCO 9855 Converter Problems

  1. Test Batteries

IF you are unaware of how you can identify problems with your converter. Then you should note that the simplest way is by observing your vehicle. The electrical bulbs in it should be flickering or they might seem dim.

This identifies that the vehicle is not receiving power properly and there is something wrong with it. Before getting into troubleshooting your converter, it is recommended that you check the battery instead.

These are mostly responsible for supplying the current to your RV that is used. If there is any problem with your batteries then you will start getting similar issues. Start by disconnecting the batteries from your vehicle.

Make sure all the connections have been cut. You can then connect a digital multimeter to your batteries. If you have multiple of them then make sure that you test all of them.

The voltage for them should remain in the range of 12.3 to 12.9 at most. If it is lower than this then you should get it fixed as soon as possible. Running your vehicle on a lower voltage can damage it along with any appliances plugged on it.

Some simple troubleshooting steps for batteries are to fill them up with water. You can then clean off the connections if there are any layers of oxide formed on them.

These are usually greyish or blue. If you are having trouble removing them then use warm water instead. Make sure that you do not completely pour water on the device and use a wet cloth instead. If the problem persists then your batteries are most likely dying out. You will have to get them replaced with new ones.

  1. Check Fuses

If your battery is running correctly but your converter is dead. Then you should note that the device uses small fuses it. These will get burnt out once the current value starts fluctuating.

The process cuts off your connection to prevent the power from flowing through them. This saves all your electrical appliances from getting damaged but the fuse will then require a replacement.

You can easily purchase these from most electrical stores. Though, the voltage rating for them needs to be the same. These should be written on top of the product to help you out. If you notice that the fuse is covered with rust or some other material then clear it up using a sharp object. You can then read the compatible rating of voltage and purchase your new fuse accordingly.

  1. Check Circuit Breakers

Another thing to keep in mind is the circuit breakers for your device. These can also get tripped in case of errors in the electricity. You will have to manually switch them back on if this happens.

Considering this, check the main panel of your converter to see the condition of your circuit breakers. Enabling them should allow the connection to start working again.

Though, sometimes these might also need to be replaced with new ones. Finally, one way to prevent most problems similar to this on your vehicle is by using the adapter provided by the company.

Many people use third-party ones which can easily variate in voltage ratings. These can be quite dangerous so it is better that you use the one provided by WFCO instead. You can also contact them to ask for assistance during your troubleshooting.

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  1. I’m having voltage Drop In my 110 and my 12 V Circuit breakers look good Incoming voltage is good Batteries are good I think it could be the converter


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