3 Ways To Fix VTX 1800 Fuel Pump Not Priming

vtx 1800 fuel pump not priming
vtx 1800 fuel pump not priming

Honda is one of the most famous manufacturers when it comes to purchasing vehicles. They have tons of other equipment available as well. Although, most people have usually known them for their cars and bikes.

The VTX series from Honda is one of the best cruiser motorcycles that you can get. Many models have come out in this lineup but 1800 are considered to be among the top.

The vehicle has a strong engine and can go to high speeds without much trouble. There are numerous features that you can check by going through the specifications of the vehicle.

Driving the VTX 1800 can be amazing but some people have reported that the fuel pump on it is not priming. If you are getting the same issue with your vehicle then going through the steps mentioned below should help you out.

How to Fix VTX 1800 Fuel Pump Not Priming?

  1. Check Fuel in Tank

The first thing that you should be checking in your vehicle is its fuel tank. The most common reason why the fuel pump can have trouble priming is when you are running low on fuel. You should also be able to hear a sound coming from the tank while you are driving.

Considering this, it is important that you open the tank in your vehicle and then check the fuel. If you are running low then get the tank filled and ensure that you keep your tank filled above a specific amount. This will help you in preventing the same problem from happening again.

  1. Replace Fuel from Tank

If you notice that there is still enough fuel in your tank but you are still getting the same problem. Then there is a chance that the fuel you are using contains impurities.

This can contaminate the entire tank causing issues for the fuel filters as well as the tank and pump.  Additionally, you have to completely take out the fuel and clean your tank which can take a lot of time.

Although, make sure that you properly do this and remove all the cleaning solutions from your tank once you are done. Small amounts of chemicals left in the tank can also damage your vehicle. Finally, filling in new fuel back in your tank should allow you to start using the vehicle without any further issues.

  1. Fuel Pump Going Bad

If you notice that your fuel is in the best condition possible but you are still getting the same issues. Then you should check how much mileage your vehicle has driven.

While it is quite rare for the fuel pump to go bad because of its life, there is still a chance that yours might require a replacement. These can last up to 100,000 miles on average.

But if you enjoy driving around then you might have driven around this value. Considering this, you will have to get the fuel pumps in your vehicle replaced with new ones.

Doing so should fix your problem but it is recommended that you take your bike to a workshop first. They will run some tests to confirm what the problem is exactly from.

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