Volvo Truck Cruise Control Not Working: 3 Fixes

volvo truck cruise control not working
volvo truck cruise control not working

Volvo is a famous brand that specializes in trucks. They have tons of lineups that you can choose from. If you are interested then check out their website for details. This should have all the vehicles available on display along with their specifications.

You will notice that these have tons of features on them. While some of them are just for the ease of the user, others can be essential.

The cruise control on these vehicles is one of the most famous features that you will find. This locks the speed of your vehicle to a selected value which will then be increased back to it even if you apply brakes.

This can be useful when going out on long trips as the user does not have to keep their feet on acceleration all the time.

Although, some people have reported that the Volvo truck cruise control is not working. If you are getting the same issue then here are some steps that should help you in fixing it.

Volvo Truck Cruise Control Not Working

  1. Check Vehicle Speed

Having cruise control on a vehicle that you take out for long trips can be quite useful. Although if you notice that the feature is not working then there are some things to keep in mind.

One of the most important ones is to see what speed you are driving at. This is essential because every vehicle with cruise control has a limited speed value on it.

You can only activate the feature once you go above that speed. In most cases, this should be set to 60 km/h. Considering this, you should try taking your vehicle to a road with a speed restriction of 80 or above and then driving at a value above 60 km/h.

You can then enable the feature and take your foot off the acceleration. If cruise control has been activated then you will notice that the vehicle does not fall below 60 km/h and you should get a notification on your display.

  1. Hold Up the Brake

Another reason why your cruise control feature might not be working can be because of the brake being pressed down. This prevents the system from enabling the feature. You might not even have your foot on the brakes but for some reason, these can be pushed slightly down.

This causes problems with the system and will not let you use cruise control. Considering this, pull up the brakes by pushing it upwards with your foot and then try enabling the feature.

  1. Faulty Speed Sensors

If the cruise control feature is not working on your Volvo truck even after checking the steps mentioned above. Then there is a high chance that your speed sensors are faulty. You can get these checked from a workshop or by taking the vehicle back to Volvo.

If these are damaged then get these replaced with new ones. You should note that some people had faulty speed sensors after purchasing a new Volvo truck. This is why there is a high chance that these might be responsible for your problem.

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