Trojan T605 vs T105 vs T125: What’s The Difference?

trojan t605 vs t105 vs t125
trojan t605 vs t105 vs t125

If you own a motorhome, RV, or even a car. Then you should know how important it is to keep these vehicles maintained. The user has to clean them off both from the inside and outside regularly.

Aside from this, it is also essential that you keep a check over their engines and tires. While the engine only requires a refill of engine oil, you have to ensure that the tires are kept at their recommended PSI ratings.

When it comes to the batteries of your vehicles. While keeping them maintained will make them last you a long time. These will still eventually die out on you. The user will then have to purchase a new pair of batteries for their vehicle.

Talking about this, some of the best batteries that you can choose for large vehicles are from the company Trojan.

These are the T605, T105, and T125 from Trojan. If you are confused between these three batteries, then going through this article should help you with your choice. This is because we will be providing you with all the information required.

Trojan T605 vs T105 vs T125

Trojan T605

Trojan is a famous company that has been around for almost 100 years now. All the batteries manufactured by them are amazing and have their features. The T605 in specific is a smaller battery that is made for golf carts.

The battery has a total voltage of 210 Ah on it and you can use it accordingly. When selecting a device for your vehicle. The user must look into all the requirements for their vehicle.

This is because even though the company Trojan manufactures batteries focused on vehicles like boats and golf carts.

The ratings required by your vehicle can vary. Considering this, you can see what the total current this battery can provide you with. If this is enough for your vehicle to run efficiently then you can go for this option.

One of the best features of this battery is that it is water-resistant. This is because the design focuses on marine life use.

Additionally, these batteries are extremely small in size which makes them easy to transport. You can even store these up in your vehicle without having to worry about the storage is limited.

Trojan T105

The Trojan T105 is another popular choice that most users decide to go for. You should note that all three of the batteries mentioned in this article have almost the same design on them.

Even the color used for these models is maroon. Though, with this model, the company has increased the current ratings to 250 Ah.

This is much more than the previous model which means that the user should be able to power up additional appliances. However, keep in mind that with the increase in power, the weight of the battery is also increased.

This model weighs a total of 62 pounds which can be a little difficult to lift with your single hand. Additionally, there is no handle on the device that you can use to help you in lifting it.

Moreover, the dimensions have also increased with the power and you might not be able to install this in your vehicle.

Coming to the cost of this model, it should usually depend on where you are going to purchase it from. Some websites or dealers might have it available for cheaper while others might have it slightly expensive. Though, the usual price for this model is around 179$.

Trojan T125

Finally, the third model of these series is the Trojan T125. This is a heavy-duty battery that is mainly focused on larger vehicles. While the other two models might work on most RVs, you should note that the total power on them might not be enough for a larger vehicle.

Though, if you are looking into using them for only powering up your vehicle then they might be enough. However, if the user wants to use their electrical appliances regularly then the T125 Trojan model is a much better option.

One huge downside for this battery is that it costs a total of 189$. This is the most expensive one out of the three. Although, you are provided with a much higher overall output of power.

This totals up to 266 Ah which might feel like it is a little higher than the T105 model. Though, when you compare their prices, you will notice that the small difference in price is almost negligible.

Another great thing about this model is that it has the same size as its prior models. Though, the weight for it has slightly increased and now weighs around 66 pounds. While this might matter for some people, most users will not even feel the small 4 pounds of difference between the two batteries.

Aside from this, when getting to the features on these three batteries. All of these are almost identical and each battery is equipped with the same features as their prior models. The only extra thing that you get on the T605 is its ability to resist water.

Considering this, all three batteries are amazing choices that you can go for. If you are still confused between these three models. Then one great option is to check what battery you were using before.

If this did not give you any issues then you can check its current ratings to find out which should be enough for your vehicle. The user can even search for the power requirements for their vehicle by searching for its model online.

Make sure that you select the correct manufacturing date as well for your RV. This is because the vehicles are updated almost every year, getting new features and parts from the company.

Finally, you should also keep another thing in mind. If you are someone who has access to water while they are on their trip then the T605 model should be perfect for you. Though, if you want to go for dry camping instead then the other two models are both great options.

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