How To Prepare For Tent Camping With Electricity

tent camping with electricity
tent camping with electricity

When someone talks about going out for tent camping. The first thing that would come to your mind Is that they will be living out in the wild without any source of power to charge their devices or having access to any electric appliances.

Although that is in fact the case for most people around the world. Some people like to have access to electricity while they are out for tent camping.

Tent Camping With Electricity

Is It Possible?

Firms that have been providing people with various campsites have now started to supply electricity to these sites as well. Even though at the time there might be only a few campsites that have electric current supplied within them.

You can easily search for one and stay there if you feel the need to go out for tent camping while also having electricity.

However, in order to use this, you will need to run an extension through the power outlet supplied to you by the campsite all the way to your tent. Some bigger campgrounds have now started to supply people with a central building. These contain showers, toilets and even electric outlets. You can use these for anything like charging your devices or using hair appliances.


The best way to prepare for your camping trip is that you contact the park you are planning on staying in. After this talk to the staff and they will give you detailed information about the locations of all the outlets provided. This is so that you can easily plan out and bring your equipment accordingly.

We recommend that you take battery packs along with you your trip. Some people tend to leave out their mobiles on electric sockets unattended. These can easily get lost or you might even find yourself in some other problem. People might also get upset from the fact that you are hogging on all the electric outlets without them having any chance to use them. This is why you should charge your power banks from the electric sockets when needed. Then use most of your electric appliances through these when needed.

Additionally, you could bring a camera with you. Usually when out on trips where you have no access to electricity. People leave out their cameras as they will run out of battery too fast. But you can use this opportunity to take pictures or videos and capture the moment that you are enjoying.


Lastly, you should note that while on trips you are most likely to be carrying around water and drinks with you. It is a common fact that electricity and liquids do not mix well. This is why you should look out for a few things.  Do not put your extensions in any confined place as they can lead to a trip hazard. Also, make sure that you only use the blue electric sockets provided by the sites.

Lastly, make sure that no children go near the electric bollards and that you don’t use any plug adaptors to connect more than one appliance to a single socket.

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