3 Ways To Fix SunPass Mini Not Working

sunpass mini not working
sunpass mini not working

If you travel a lot then having a SunPass will save you a lot of money. Depending upon the frequency of your travel, you will save around 20 to 30 cents. These cents add up to a substantial amount considering the yearly timeframe.

You can either buy a SunPass Mini or a SunPass portable for your vehicle to save money. The SunPass mini is more affordable but you can’t remove it once it is installed in your vehicle. Moreover, the SunPass mini can’t be used on motorbikes.

You have to stick the SunPass on the windshield to get it to work. Recently, many customers have been experiencing issues with the SunPass. If your SunPass is also not working then try following these steps.

How to Fix SunPass Mini Not Working?

  1. Check Mounting Instructions

The majority of errors occur during the mounting process of SunPass Mini. If you don’t follow the mounting instructions step by step then it is likely that the SunPass Mini won’t work as it should. To avoid this problem, watch a video tutorial or ask someone else to install it for you.

According to the instructions by SunPass, you have to install this pass behind your rearview mirror. Now, depending upon the type of your vehicle the location may vary. After determining the mounting location, you need to peel off the back cover and stick the SunPass into place.

You need to ensure that there are no air bubbles between the SunPass Mini and the windshield. You need to rub your thumb across the surface to remove the air bubbles from the SunPass Mini. Then activate the SunPass and it should start working for your vehicle.

Unfortunately, if you have already mounted the SunPass in an incorrect position then there is not much that you can do. You might have to buy a new SunPass as it won’t work once you remove the SunPass from the windshield. Contact SunPass for more information if you’re in this situation.

  1. Check Account Status

You can use different methods to register for a SunPass account. You will need to put some funds into this account or the SunPass won’t work. A minimum limit of ten dollars is specified by the SunPass for proper functioning.
So, if you have not yet transferred any funds to the account then that is likely why your SunPass is not working. Make sure to always keep funds above the minimum limit to avoid this problem in the future. A lot of different payment methods can be used to transfer funds into your SunPass account.

Also, if you’re going above the speed limit then that can also create some problems for your SunPass. So, try slowing down a bit if you want your SunPass to work on a particular toll point. If you have bought the SunPass recently then it might take some time for it to be activated.

It can take up to 24 hours to activate your SunPass after installing it in your vehicle. It won’t work before your account has been authorized and it has the proper amount of funds available to work.

  1. Ask SunPass

Usually, the main issue with SunPass Mini not working is because customers don’t install the device correctly on their vehicles. Unlike the portable version, you can only install the SunPass Mini once. If you peel it off from the mounted location then it will stop working.

Meaning that if you mess up the mounting process then it is probable that you will have to buy a new SunPass. This is why most users prefer to buy the portable version as they can avoid this problem and also enjoy other benefits offered by the SunPass portable.

However, if you followed all the steps mentioned in the mounting guide correctly and there are sufficient funds available in your account then you might need to contact SunPass regarding this error. There might be an issue in your SunPass account due to which you’re unable to get it to work.

A support member from SunPass will take a look at your account and guide you accordingly. You can then follow the instructions given by the support member to get your SunPass mini to work again. However, chances are that you will have to buy a new SunPass mini if it is not installed in the correct location.

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