To use an RV or to use an SUV?

To use an RV or to use or an SUV?
To use an RV or to use or an SUV?

Recreational Vehicle (RV) vs. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

When we travel inland, we often wonder what type of vehicle is better for our awaited adventures, especially if we plan on being on the road for a long period of time. We need a reliable mean of transportation that will provide us with all our required needs and bring us comfort as well.  We have to be able to decide where we want to sleep, eat, and how people are traveling at once, etc. Once we figure this out, we can make a proper decision of what we choose to travel in.

A common question for first-time travelers is, “To use an RV or to use an SUV?”

If you are not familiar with these, let’s start by explaining them first. An RV stands for a Recreational Vehicle and it’s a motor vehicle or trailer with a living area, all in one. While an SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, it’s a vehicle that pretty much has every characteristic from all the other types. While still having the feeling of a light off-road vehicle that is easy to drive.

Some people like to have everything in one place without struggling. An RV is ideal in this sense: inside you can have a complete house, with everything you need to spend an entire day without having to eat out or go to the supermarket constantly. In an RV, since they have their own integrated kitchen, you can prepare your own meals and eat whenever you feel like it, without any schedules. You can also be closer to nature when you travel in one and go to certain areas that would be more difficult to go to with a normal SUV.

On the other hand, when you travel in an SUV you are not supposed to spend the night in the car. You need to book either a cabin, hotel, or use a tent, so if you are on a low budget this might not be the best option unless you want extra commodity and fully relax in place.

Since SUVs are pretty much regular cars, they are easier to handle than an RV and you can park anywhere because of its normal size, as opposed to an RV. Which tend to be bigger, heavier and therefore more difficult to maneuver.

Regarding price, it really depends on what type of RV you opt for but RVs are generally more expensive the more commodities it has, while an SUV is on the average size of cars. You also need to keep in mind how much are you really going to travel and if it’s really worth investing in one or just renting it.

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