Deciding on Which to Buy: RV vs Boat

Deciding on Which to Buy: RV vs Boat
Deciding on Which to Buy: RV vs Boat

Living in an RV vs. Boat

Throughout the years, mankind has developed different means of mobility whether it’s through land or sea (or air, which we will not mention today), and both of them have some convenient advantages and some disadvantages as well.

For the land type of mobility and traveling, we will be talking about RVs and for sea mobility, we will talk about boats.

An RV is a recreational vehicle that can have an integrated motor or simply refer to a trailer that you can drag with a different vehicle. It has a living facility and it’s ready to use. This includes beds, kitchens, bathrooms, and a lounge area, of course depending on the size and model you choose.

And we all know what a boat is, of course. Some people use boats not just for getting to point A to point B but also for living in. We will go through some differences and see which one is more appropriate for you according to your necessities.

Traveling spots

Although with an RV you can get too many places whereas a regular vehicle can’t, you have the same opportunity with a boat, only that you will visit less popular spots or even barely explored remote areas, you also have to remember most of the planet earth is made up of water so there is plenty of exploration to be made.


RVs are usually pricey, but boats are even more expensive, so it’s something to keep in mind if you have a low budget to choose from. Even old boats from a few decades ago are still the same price as some new RVs, so you do the math.


While an RV is still a vehicle or part of one if you have a trailer, it’s going to be easier to adapt to it especially if you know how to drive already, you might only have to learn to deal with certain maneuvering techniques which shouldn’t be too difficult. Contrary to a boat which is way harder to learn and you have to start from 0 if you don’t have any experience.


This is always an important factor when it comes to traveling because it can sometimes become a risk to our trip while we are on the road. With an RV you are technically way safer than on a boat if the weather is not the best. You have a roof and walls to protect yourself, while on a boat you are exposed to rain and wind.

Access to other stuff

With an RV you can have access to “civilization” whether it’s for an emergency or a simple need like getting some food. If you are on a boat you could find yourself in the middle of nowhere in the ocean and it will be more difficult to reach land or your destination to get what you need or want.


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