RV GPS Comparison: 660LMT-S vs. 760LMT

RV GPS Comparison: 660LMT-S vs. 760LMT
RV GPS Comparison: 660LMT-S vs. 760LMT

Garmin RV 660LMT-S vs. RV 760LMT

When we are traveling to an unfamiliar place, it is more than likely that we get lost, since we have never been there before, therefore we don’t know our way around that area. What exit to take? Which freeway has less traffic? Those are simple questions, that if are answered, can save us a lot of time, not just minutes, but sometimes hours. Before, it was common to get around places just with the use of maps, but with the help of technology they are almost forgotten and now we don’t have to worry about that anymore, thanks to the creation of GPS.

The GPS or Global Positioning System is a global satellite navigation system used for various applications at the business and personal level. Usually, the knowledge of its use is limited to the search of streets and points of interest in order to reach them. But its usefulness goes beyond this.

On a logistical level, companies that have fleets of vehicles can make their management more efficient, using satellite monitoring via GPS. This technology allows them to know and control in real-time the different variables that are present in a journey, which will undoubtedly be relevant when making accounts at the end of the month.

These systems have become essential for any RV trip nowadays, and today we will review and investigate 2 different popular models from the brand Garmin. The models are the RV 660LMT and RV 760LMT GPS systems. We will compare them and will try to reach for a conclusion on which one is a better option for you.


GPS systems like these are not on the cheap side because of how complete they are and all the extensive features they offer. The RV 660LMT is $329 USD while the RV 760LMT is $399 USD. That is a $70 USD difference, which can influence some people when they are trying to choose one over the other.


The display resolution of the RV 660 is 800 x 480 pixels with a 6.6” in Wide x 3.7” in Height multi-touch, manual dual-orientation, glass, WVGA color TFT with white backlight screen, while the resolution for the RV 760 is 800 x 480 pixels with a 6.1” in Wide x 3.4” in Height Color TFT with white backlight screen. Making the 660 LTM considerably bigger and more interactive.

Battery and weight

Both models include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
The RV 660 battery lasts up to 1 hour, while the RV 760 lasts up to 1 ½ hours. When it comes to weight and how heavy they are the RV 660 weights 9.5 oz. making it way lighter than the RV 760 which weights 12.4 oz.

Safety and road warnings

An interesting and useful feature the RV 660 has compared to the RV 760 is that is has a more modern software that includes a large variety of safety warnings and alerts that can be relevant for the RV route of your choice. It alerts you of road warnings, such as heights for nearby bridges, certain weight limitations, sharp curves that can be dangerous, it also tells you changes in elevation so you are aware of nearby steep roads and you are not unprepared for them. In this category, the RV 660 wins for sure.


This is an option that is shared by both models and their software offers very similar characteristics. A directory of local and national RV Parks and RV services that can be very useful in case of a technical problem with your RV. You can also filter these searches depending on your preferred amenities for you and your family, whether you want wi-fi signal available, stores, a resort with pools that offers an RV camp station, pet-friendly, etc.

Customized routes

Here we have another feature for the RV 660 that is not supported by the software of the RV 760, customized RV routing, an easy route shaping tool that lets you modify your route in case you want to go through certain places in particular just with a touch of a finger. With this feature, you can also input the characteristics of your RV, such as size and weight and it will give the most efficient route according to your RV’s shape.


Something very innovating about the RV 660 is its modern navigation system. They really put effort into making it as easy as they could and their goal was to make you feel like a friend is guiding you with directions, using popular landmarks that are easy to spot, like stores, lights, etc. Since it’s sometimes difficult to find street names and you want to have your attention in front of you and traffic instead of looking around for street signs. The visuals are also more detailed and use brighter colors so you don’t miss any exits and make sure you are using the proper lanes for your route that will show very close to how it looks in real life.


An option that most decent GPS system offer, and luckily both these models have it. Wireless backup cameras, that will let you see all those tricky spots when you are driving in reverse. It will show you how much distance there is between you and the object. The cameras suitable for each model are different, the 660 uses the BC™ 30 while the 760 uses the BC™ 20 which is no longer manufactured by Garmin and has been discontinued for a while.

These are just a few comparisons between the 2 of them but some of the most important to consider if you are thinking about buying one of them. So far it seems that the RV 660LMT seems more technically efficient with our current needs, not to mention it is way cheaper than the RV 760LMT.

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