Rural King Golf Cart Battery Review

rural king golf cart battery review
rural king golf cart battery review

Having the best equipment in your vehicle is an important thing. This makes it easier for users to keep maintenance over these. As well as helping out your car to perform better than usual.

Aside from this, if you keep a regular check on the condition of your engine and batteries. Then it will also help you out in preventing any future problems with it while you are out on your trip.

Even though that is the case, you will notice that your vehicle will still run into a few issues. One of the most ones is its battery dying. If this happens then users are required to replace it with a new one.

Although, you will see that there are a lot of companies that manufacture this product. These vary in price range, features and are made for specific types of vehicles. This is why that you go through all of these before deciding on one battery.

Rural King Golf Cart Battery Review

If you own a golf cart and need a new battery. Then one of the best companies for you is Rural King. This is because golf carts usually need a 6-volt battery to run. Although, this might differ for some other similar vehicles.

But you will notice that if you go out to stores or search online then the first thing that pops up is a 6-volt battery.

The company Rural King manufactures some of the best 6-volt batteries for its users. These have different features depending on the model that you select and the price also varies on it.

Considering this, you must check all the specifications of a product that you are interested in before purchasing it. This will help you in getting the best possible battery model for your golf cart.


If you visit the official website for Rural King then you will notice that the company sells a lot of products to its users. The first thing that you should do is search for batteries. This will limit the number of items displayed for you and help you in deciding which one you should buy.

One thing to remember is that the type of battery that you can use on your golf cart will highly depend on its model.

There are many types that you can select but they might not be supported by your vehicle. This is why you must confirm what batteries your vehicle can support. Things to look out for in this are what voltage your golf cart requires and if it is an electrical model or not. This will help you out in narrowing down the search results.


Even though you have limited down the results, there will still be several choices that you can make. This is where your budget matters. By setting up a price range on the website you can further narrow down the search results.

You should also note that these Rural King batteries can be purchased from other places as well. These include both other websites as well as dealers and stores. The prices on them might vary depending on where you want to get them from.

Additionally, some places might even provide their users with discount options. These will help you in getting a premium model at a lower price than usual. Another thing to consider is that if you find a really good battery but a little above your budget.

Then it is better that you go for it. This will help you out later on. This is since your golf cart will perform better and run into fewer problems.


The performance of all the batteries made by this company is excellent. Rural King tens to check their batteries after they are made. The company then gives them ratings on different aspects depending on their performance.

These include the maximum voltage it can input under load and how long the battery lasts after being fully charged. If the battery passes the minimum ratings set by the company then it is shipped off to stores.

Although, if they fail these tests then the batteries are recycled instead. This process ensures that the product you receive is made of the best quality possible and will last you a long time.

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  1. Got Rural King golf cart batteries 2 years ago. Found out 3 are bad today. They are coming out as I speak. Not happy with them. I have their car batteries in 2 cars and they are fine but the 6 vikt ones sure didn’t last long.


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