Rural King Golf Cart Battery Review

Rural King Golf Cart Battery Review
Rural King Golf Cart Battery Review

If you are an avid golfer – or even if you are just getting into the sport – then you should put some energy into buying a golf cart.

If you don’t know much about the sport, then you might not understand just what a golf cart can do for you, your game, and your enjoyment of going out on the golf course and having fun.

Owning a golf cart can be the difference between hours or exhausting walking in the hot sun and having a great, easy, breezy, fun time while hitting balls on the links.

Some people feel that golf carts are extra and not needed to enjoy golf and, yes, technically that is true.

But if you are lucky enough to afford one of these expert modes of transportation on the course then you should be sure that you are treating it well and using it to the best of its ability.

A Golf Cart

Treat Your Cart Right!

The truth is that there are far too many people who don’t treat their golf carts with respect and care. They don’t pay enough attention to its upkeep and maintenance and care. =

And that will lead to a golf cart that doesn’t last as long as it should and leaves you stranded, high and dry on the course when you should be whizzing around with speed and joy.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when you are buying a new golf cart is giving it a good battery. Without a proper, trusted, reliable battery, your golf cart is going to be breaking down in no time at all.

And have you ever thought about the hassle that comes with a broken down golf cart? It’s actually far more complicated than a broken down car and it can lead to you spending hours out in the hot sun on a golf course, waiting for a solution that doesn’t come soon enough.

Rural King is one of the most well-known companies when it comes to golf carts and golf accessories. And many people buy their golf cart batteries and consider them the gold standard in the industry.

Today, let’s look at the golf cart battery that is provided by Rural King. Let’s discuss the good, the bad, the reasons you should buy it and the reasons why you should possibly be hesitant. Is this the right battery for you and your golf cart or is there something better out there?

Rural King Golf Cart Battery Review

Rural King creates some of the best 6-volt batteries being sold today. They have many great features that will power your golf cart and remain reliable and strong for a very long duration.

The thing about Rural King’s products is that they create many minute variations on their batteries that may change a lot depending on what you need. And because of that, the price will vary too. Some people may find the price point too steep, others may think it’s just right.

But the bottom line is this: this is a company that creates superior batteries. In fact, they are one of the only companies who you can turn to and count on nearly all the time.


There are many different types of golf carts in the world and, thankfully, Rural King makes many different types of batteries for each and every type of them.

Many types of golf cart

No matter what type of battery you spend your money on, you are sure to get a good one when you invest in Rural King.

You can rest assured that no matter the model of cart you buy and no matter which manufacturer makes it, you will have a battery that will fit it perfectly and power it well for a very long time, via Rural King.

The variety and options offered by Rural King is one of the main reasons why so many people count on this company. It’s not often that you can have a one-stop shop for golf cart batteries.

Most businesses pay attention to just one type of battery, one type of volt, and one type of cart that works with it. Not Rural King.

With this company, you can find batteries that are available in 8, and 12 volts. This is the amount of force that is needed to create the current or the strength of the battery. The higher the volt, the more power.

And you will find that most golf carts require either 8 or 12 so, in all likelihood, your needs are covered by Rural King. They know what most golf cart owners need and they provide it.

Type of Battery

Now, it is very important that you read into your golf cart’s manual and find out which type of voltage you need for your cart. No matter what it says, you are likely to find a perfect fit because of the many choices provided to you by Rural King.


Of course, the most important part of a golf cart battery is how well it works. Batteries can get pretty expensive. Of course, they last a long time too so the price is often worth it.

But you don’t want to put your money down on a golf cart battery that is only going to work for a few weeks. This is perhaps the biggest waste of money that can come with a golf cart purchase. So you only want to invest in a battery that will actually perform well.

Come rain or shine, day or night, or any type of course, the Rural King golf cart battery is going to work very well all of the time. Once the battery is fully charged, it can withstand an awful lot of work and stress and use.

Rural King’s batteries are sometimes called “lifetime batteries” and that is because some people have used these products for years and years and have never needed to replace them.

This depends on the amount of use you give it, of course. If you are driving your golf cart every single day, you will get less mileage out of the battery than you would if you only used it every week or few weeks.

But you can expect to have a battery from Rural King last for years before needing replacement.

Batteries in golf carts actually have to put in a lot of work. You might think they don’t get pushed too hard because they are simply powering a vehicle around a golf course. How hard can that be?

golf cart battery is pushed hard often

However, the reality is that a golf cart battery is pushed hard often. With all the starting and stopping and the different types of terrain that the cart drives over, the battery powering the vehicle will be put to the test.

Thankfully, Rural King is well aware of that. They have put a lot of effort and energy into making a battery that could power a full vehicle if it needed to but is instead putting all of that power and efficiency into your golf cart instead.

There is a reason that so many people praise the performance of a Rural King battery and rarely ever complain about it giving up the ghost shortly after purchase. These are batteries that stand the test of time.


A golf cart battery isn’t cheap!

They can often cost hundreds of dollars, which is all the more reason to make sure you are buying the right type. You don’t want to buy a battery that costs a lot and doesn’t work well.

The great thing about Rural King golf cart batteries is that the prices are quite agreeable and easy to swallow. You might be spending $100 or possibly $150 but you know that you will get a lot of power and use out of that price point.

So not only has Rural King made golf cart batteries that you can afford, they have also made some that will last a long time too.


There are more reasons to invest in a Rural King golf cart battery. The batteries are created with stainless steel terminals that will fight off corrosion so you can rest assured that a ride through the rain won’t be the end of your golf cart’s life.

Stainless Steel Terminals

You will also note that the installation process for a Rural King golf cart battery is easily installed. It doesn’t take much time – or much work – to get these batteries into your cart and working as soon as possible.

At the same time, it is important to note that the batteries created by this company do not come with handles. This is a small quibble that most people won’t care about, but others want to have a handle built into the battery so it is easy to carry.

The weight is light, the sizes are perfect, the installation is simple, and the entire process couldn’t be easier. From the price point to the variety, the installation procedures, and beyond, Rural King has made a line of some of the best golf cart batteries on the market today.

There is no reason not to invest in these products to give you the golf cart experience you always wanted.

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  1. Got Rural King golf cart batteries 2 years ago. Found out 3 are bad today. They are coming out as I speak. Not happy with them. I have their car batteries in 2 cars and they are fine but the 6 vikt ones sure didn’t last long.


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