Great RV Escapes Reviews 2021: Is It Worth The Price?

great rv escapes reviews
great rv escapes reviews

People enjoy and love going out for trips, these include hiking, camping, and picnics. A lot of people might enjoy going out and camping in jungles or hiking on dangerous mountains. These types of adventures are not enjoyed by everyone. Most people want to stay at a place where they can camp while being comfortable.

Some might even want to have access to electricity while they are on their trips. This is why companies have started to make campsites. You can easily get a campsite booked and then camp there for the duration of the booked period. Although, not all of these campsites have electricity provided to them at the time. They are still working on it.

Great RV Escapes Reviews

Great RV Escapes is a club which provides their users to have access to these amazing campsites. This club or company focuses on campsites that have RVs in them. You can easily get a campsite booked by contacting them. The camping site you have booked will now contain an RV that you can stay in.

This means that you will have access to a kitchen, washroom as well as beds while you are out camping. Additionally, you are free to use these services as you like during the period of time you have booked these.  The website for Great RV Escapes provides a list of parks that can be booked. However, keep in mind that not all these parks can be used if you are using their subscription.


This club provides its users with more than 1000 RV sites that are spread throughout Canada and the United States. You can visit the official website for Great Escapes and then enter your state there. This will then give you a complete list of areas that have accessible camping sites in them. You can select a camping site to check its price. The huge number of sites that this company provides for camping is really impressive, and you can easily find one that you will really enjoy.


After selecting the location and size, you can then check the price for it. The packages for all these camping sites usually depend on the packages. These will take into account the time you are going to stay as well as what season it is. The price may also vary depending on how much booked the campsite already is. Although most packages provided by Great RV Escapes have a lot of options for discounts.

Some of these discount vouchers even provide over 50% discount. Additionally, if you refer this program to your friend or family and they subscribe to it or purchase a plan using your link. Then you will get a referral bonus of 75%. This is the highest referral bonus among all the RV campsite providing companies. This sounds too good to be true when you consider that other sites do not provide discounts as high as this company.

Scam or Not?

A lot of people have been asking this question throughout the internet for some time. The unusual number of discounts this company provides seems to be really unrealistic. These make people question whether their services are actually legit or just a huge scam to trap in people. According to some research, a camper has found out that this is actually a rental company.

Which rents in RV and campsites and makes agreements with other campsites to use their facilities. Some people had really late responses from the company after sending in their booking fees. Although, when asked for refund, they got it back almost instantly. This has made the people doubt this company a little less. Back when this was still a really new company, it was normal to freak out about the huge discounts. But now that the business has been running on for some time.

It is most likely that all their services are legit. This is why considering that you can get a camping site booked for yourself at such a low price, you should go for it. This way you can enjoy your trip comfortably and enjoy living in a recreational vehicle without even having to own one of your own.

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