What You Need To Know: Refilling Your RV Propane

A Guide On How To Refill Your RV Propane
A Guide On How To Refill Your RV Propane

RV Propane Refill

Many RVs depend on propane to run the refrigerator, stove, water heater, and furnace. However, your propane will eventually run low, and you’ll need to get it refilled.

Where to Find Propane on the Road

  • Some RV parks, particularly those called “RV resorts” sell propane. (An RV resort typically offers more services and amenities than an RV park).
  • Some gas stations and truck stops sell propane.
  • Some RV dealerships and repair shops sell propane.
  • Propane distributors can sometimes fill your motorhome.

If you’re running low on propane, get on the internet and research places to buy propane on the way to your next destination. Write down the address and phone number. Also, call them before you go, to make sure they can refill a motorhome; ask them if they can fit in the length of your motorhome. Some places may be too tight to pull in.

5-Gallon Propane Cylinders

Some RVers adapt their motorhomes to also run off of a 5-gallon propane cylinder, which is available nearly everywhere. You can buy a 5-gallon propane tank at nearly every grocery store, hardware store, dollar store, and Walmart. Buying the tank costs around $50. A trade-in is $15-20. The advantage is, these tanks can easily be either refilled or traded in when they’re empty. That means even if there isn’t a place to refill propane, you can still get more by trading in your tank.

If you want to trade in your 5-gallon propane tank, never take the empty tank inside the store; that’s considered dangerous. The procedure is, pay inside, and tell the cashier. The cashier will have someone meet you outside at the tank area to do the tank exchange. Check to make sure the tank you receive has a blue cap and feels heavy; the tank area has both empty and full tanks, so make sure you get one that’s full.

Getting the Motorhome Refilled

First of all, turn your refrigerator and water heater off; the pilot light flames could cause a dangerous situation if lit at the propane station. Second, you need to pull the motorhome up to the filling station, close enough so that the hose will reach. That can take some maneuvering, and that’s why you should either call ahead or look on Google maps, to see if your RV will fit.

Some filling stations will require that everyone exit the motorhome for safety reasons, including pets. The technician will fill the tanks and write out a slip with the amount. You take that inside and pay the cashier.

That’s it. Getting the motorhome refilled with propane is pretty easy, just know where to go first.


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