Pioneer Radio Touch Screen Not Working – 3 Fixes

pioneer radio touch screen not working
pioneer radio touch screen not working

Going out on camping trips with your family and friends can be a lot of fun. This lets you make memories while you also explore new areas. Although, you should note that some enthusiasts will stay on their trips for long periods. They will also go out much more frequently which is why they own motorhomes and RVs.

These vehicles can be a lot of fun to use as they come with numerous features. In case your vehicle had an older radio then you might have upgraded it to a touch screen. One of the most popular models regarding these devices is from Pioneer. Although, recently people have reported that their Pioneer radio touch screen is not working. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few steps that should help in solving this problem.

What You Should Try When the Pioneer Radio Touch Screen is Not Working

1. Unresponsive Display

The touch screen on your Pioneer radio not working can be quite annoying. While you can control some of the features on it using the buttons provided. It can still be difficult to browse through these devices. Although, if the display from your radio is switched on but only the touch features are not working. Then you should note that there are two main reasons for it.

One of these is that your fingers might be a little wet which can prevent you from using the display. On the other hand, the display itself might be dirty or have water on it. Considering this, simply cleaning it off properly should allow you to start using it again. Keep in mind that you must clean off your display regularly to avoid running into this issue again.

2. Reboot Radio

If your radio is stuck in the same place and you are unable to use it completely. Then your device might be running into a configuration error. You can start by trying to reboot the device once. Although, if this does not work then you will have to completely reset it.

Make sure that you keep the radio off for a few minutes before starting it up again. If the same error persists then you can hold down a pin under the reset pinhole. This will bring your radio back to its factory default state, removing any errors that you were getting on it.

3. Contact Pioneer

If the device is still not working then there is a high chance that either it has become faulty or there is a software error on it. Although, these issues can be difficult to pin down on your own. This is why one better solution is directly contacting the support team for Pioneer instead.

They will look into your issue and help you in figuring out the exact reason. You can then take your radio to them so that it can be fixed. Alternatively, they will provide you with the steps that can be used to fix your problem. Make sure that you follow these carefully and ask the support team for help in case of any confusion.

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