3 Ways To Fix Onan Generator Fault Code 36

onan generator fault code 36
onan generator fault code 36

If you are a camping enthusiast then there is a high chance that you already own a motorhome or trailer. These vehicles come with numerous features that are all designed to keep campers satisfied on their trips.

You feel comfortable resting on all the furniture but one thing that might annoy you is the lack of power. Talking about this, companies like Onan have started to manufacture generators that can be installed in RVs and motorhomes.

These are quite compact and make a low amount of noise. Considering this, you can easily install them on your motorhome to get additional power. While the generators from Onan are quite amazing to use, some people have also reported getting problems with them.

This is why we will be using this article to talk about getting the fault code 36 on the Onan generator that a lot of users have complained about.

How to Fix Onan Generator Fault Code 36?

  1. Check Fuel Pump and Filters

One of the best things about having an Onan Generator is that these devices have a control panel that shows you a lot of information about this equipment. You can use this to identify exactly the problem and then fix it easily.

The fault code 36 in specific refers to the generator shutting off suddenly. Considering this, the most likely reason for this problem is that the generator stopped getting a steady supply of fuel.

The fuel pump and filters are some of the most important things in this case. Checking them carefully will help you in getting rid of the problem. If you notice that either one of these two devices has died or become faulty.

Then getting them replaced will be your best option.  Keep in mind that both fuel pumps and filters eventually go bad and you have to get these replaced. Although, these usually last a few years so you will not have to worry about changing them anytime soon.

  1. Check Fuel in Generator

The second most important thing that you should check on your generator is the fuel in it. This should be quite obvious but sometimes your device might have run out of fuel. The Onan generators require you to have at least more than one-fourth of the entire tank filled.

While the device can still function while it goes lower than that. In some cases, you can run into a sudden crash like this. Considering this, make sure that you keep your generator filled up at all times.

  1. Check Spark Plugs

Another common reason for getting this fault code on your device is that the spark plugs in your generator might be failing. This can be quite annoying a spark plugs are a little expensive to replace.

However, these are connected using wires which is why the issue can also be from these cables coming off. Connecting them back in tightly will also help you in getting rid of the problem. Just make sure that any wires that were damaged are replaced with new ones.

2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Fix Onan Generator Fault Code 36”

  1. Vibration can cause male to female pin connections in the wiring harness to ECU plug to become loose. This can cause many different codes to be generated with 36 being one of them. I have found that reseating those connections will solve the problems that result in a generator that won’t run. Learned this by replacing a fuel filter and a fuel pump and verifying fuel flow only to find that I needed to shake the plug.

  2. I can’t even get my generator to start I found a few pin holes in my gas line I’m going to replace 40 feet a gas line and change my filter hopefully that works


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