Onan Generator Will Not Turn Over: 3 Fixes

onan generator will not turn over
onan generator will not turn over

Generators allow users to get access to electricity even while they are out on their trips. You can power up your electrical appliances easily through them.

Many different companies manufacture these products. Although, the features that you will get can be different from each other. This is why you should go through the specifications of a device before you purchase it.

Onan is one of the tops recommended companies that manufacture these generators. While these might be great, you can still run into some issues with these devices.

One of the most common problems that users have reported is that their Onan generator will not turn over. If you are also getting this problem, then here are some simple ways to fix it.

Onan Generator Will Not Turn Over

  1. Check Solenoid

The solenoid giving off electrical current to your generator should usually supply power of 12 volts. IF this becomes unstable then you can start to get problems with your device. Considering this, confirm if the current you are getting is 12 volts. This can be checked by connecting a voltmeter to your solenoid.

Keep in mind that this can be dangerous and if you do not know about this then you should contact a professional. Take a reading of the current levels and if it is fluctuating then there might be an issue with your solenoid.

If it is faulty then either get it fixed or replaced by the company. If you want to purchase a third-party solenoid then you must check if it is supported by your generator.

  1. Check Battery

While starting up your generator, if you hear a clicking sound then it indicates that there might be a problem with your battery.

These usually require regular maintenance from the users and if you haven’t checked your battery in some time. Then this is most likely why your Onan generator is not starting. There are mainly two things that you need to check on your battery.

The water levels on it as well as its electrodes. The water needs to fill in your battery after a few weeks and the electrodes need to be cleaned off using warm water. This is because small layers of oxide can form on them which stops the current from flowing through these.

Keep in mind that you will have to charge up your batteries after filling up water before you can use them. Drive around your vehicle for a few minutes to charge these up.

  1. Replace Battery

Finally, If the problem persists then your batteries might have become damaged. If this happens then you will have to get them replaced. Usually, companies provide users with a replacement if their batteries become damaged.

Although, if your battery has run out of warranty then you can purchase a new one. Make sure that the model of battery you select provides a current rating that your generator can handle and supports. You can check this from the specification provided on Onan’s website.

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