3 Common Onan 3600 LP Generator Problems Troubleshooting

Onan 3600 LP Generator Troubleshooting
Onan 3600 LP Generator Troubleshooting

The Onan 3600 LP Generator it’s a great way to power your RV or home in necessary situations. Having a backup power supply for your house is a fantastic way to enjoy your evening without worrying about storms getting rid of your power.

When you’re camping, a power supply can be a great way to relax at night when you’ve had enough of the outdoors.

Unfortunately, there are situations where your generator may have difficulty running. Every piece of technology occasionally has technical errors, but there are always troubleshooting methods you can use to fix these problems.

Please continue reading it to learn everything you need to know about Onan 3600 LP Generator problems and how you can resolve them. We will discuss all the common issues people have in common Troubleshooting methods.

Onan 3600 LP Generator Troubleshooting

1. Onan 3600 LP Generator Overheating

One of the main problems most generators experience is overheating. Several things can cause your generator to overheat and not run as well as normal.

Onan 3600 LP Generators are just some of the generators that experience overheating problems. Overheating is a common issue many generators experience.

The first step you need to take to troubleshoot any device is identifying the problem. Below, we will tell you how to determine whether or not your Onan 3600 LP Generator is overheating so that you can quickly fix the problem.

Onan 3600 LP Overheating

How To Identify Overheating

Overheating is the quickest problem you can identify, and you must gently touch the generator to see if it feels warm.

However, be cautious when you touch the generator so that you don’t burn your finger if the overheating problem is severe. When your generator overheats, it will have difficulty supplying power to your home or RV.

When your generator overheats, it may also sound louder than normal while it runs. The reason that your generator becomes louder is that it is working harder to function.

How To Resolve Overheating

There are a few different things that can cause your generator to overheat. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your generator overheating problems.

  1. Ensure that your generator receives plenty of air. The only reason your generator may overheat is insufficient ventilation for heat escape. You want to avoid putting your generator in a congested area.
  2. Check your generator’s coolant levels. If your generator has low or no coolant, you must take a trip to the store to purchase more. Without coolant, your generator has no way to regulate its temperature.
  3. Ensure your generator has enough fuel. When your generator starts to run low on fuel, it works harder to make the most of what it has. If you’ve checked your coolant and your generator is in an open area, you should check your fuel levels to ensure you have enough.

RV Fuel

When your generator overheats, you need to take measures to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Neglecting to fix your overheating generator could lead to fire, permanent damage, and it could cause your generator to stop working altogether.

2. Onan 3600 LP Generator Running Without Power

If you start your generator and notice that it doesn’t supply power to your RV or home, you have a problem. Your generator relies on residual magnetism to supply power where you need it.

If you’re out of residual magnetism, your generator cannot output energy, even if it seems to run fine otherwise.

How To Identify Running Without Power

The only way to identify whether or not your generator runs without power is to turn it on and see if the electricity works.

If you turn on your generator and it runs, you don’t have any electricity throughout your camper at home. You need to follow the troubleshooting methods for running without power.

Turning on your generator to discover that it doesn’t supply power to your RV, camper, or home can be extremely frustrating.

Check your generators once a month or before a big trip to ensure they’re in working order. The last thing you want to do is go without a generator in an emergency.

How To Resolve Running Without Power

Fortunately, you don’t need to purchase a new generator even if you’re out of residual magnetism. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your generator without supplying power where you need it.

  1. Unplug the wires that connect to your generator’s voltage regulator. Connect your generator to a ground battery and turn on your generator’s breaker. This method will restore the residual magnetism to your generator.
  2. Plug your electric drill into your generator and run the drill in reverse. Turn on your generator while running the drill. If your drill doesn’t power your generator going reverse, try spinning the drill the traditional way.

If your generator doesn’t supply power to the area you need, you can kickstart its battery with an outside source.

Jump-starting your generator, so it produces power again is similar to jump-starting a vehicle. Unfortunately, you need an outside source to supply power to your generator because it can’t create power independently.

3. Onan 3600 LP Generator Won’t Start

The third most common problem with propane generators like the Onan 3600 LP Generator is needing them to start.

Several things can cause your generator not to start, so you’ll need to go through trial and error to diagnose this problem. Read below to learn how to identify this problem and what you can do to find a resolution.

How To Start Generator

Fortunately, diagnosing whether or not your generator won’t start is the easy part. Follow the steps below to try starting your generator the right way. This way, you’ll know whether or not the problem lies with your generator or user error.

  1. Hold the start button on your generator for up to 10 seconds or until it starts. Some generators take longer to start, so you’ll need to hold it down for a bit. Letting go of the button too soon won’t allow your generator to start.
  2. If your generator doesn’t start, wait at least two minutes before trying again. If you try too often for a short duration of time, then you could cause your generator to overheat. When your generator overheats, more problems will occur.
  3. If your generator starts after you hold the button, let it warm up for a few minutes before applying the load. Allowing your generator to warm up before it works hard is a great way to maintain its lifespan.
  4. Check your generator for leaks to ensure you’re not having a bigger problem. If you find your generator leaking at all, you need to shut it off. It would be best to call a professional for generator leaks.

If you follow all the steps above and your generator won’t start, follow our troubleshooting advice. There are several reasons why your generator might have trouble booting up.

What To Do When Your Generator Doesn’t Start

Even if you follow all of the correct steps to start your generator, it might not work. The following troubleshooting methods are what you need to do if your generator doesn’t start.

  1. Check your generator fuel levels. If your generator doesn’t have enough fuel, then it has no way to start and run. You’ll need to purchase more fuel from the store in this scenario.
  2. Look around your generator to determine if it’s experiencing any leakage. If you notice any puddles around your generator, you should call a service professional to resolve the problem. Fixing a leaking generator on your own can be dangerous work, so it’s best to leave it to someone with training in the field.
  3. Ensure that you don’t have any cables plugged into your generator. Sometimes, if you plug in an appliance that doesn’t work, it can suck out the battery life from your generator and cause it not to start.
  4. Your battery is static. Fortunately, you can follow the troubleshooting methods in the dead battery section of this article to resolve this problem. You’ll need an external device like a battery or power drill to restore your generator’s battery life.
  5. Your generator has a clogged air filter. If you use your generator often, then you need to clean the air filter often as well. When your generator has a clogged air filter, it will have difficulty booting up and running smoothly. Clogged air filters can cause your generator to overheat.

You must go through a few methods to determine the culprit when your generator doesn’t start. Your generator might not start due to a lack of airflow, low battery life, or fuel. External appliances may also affect whether or not your generator starts.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a generator for your home, RV, or camper is a fantastic way to stay comfortable at all times period without electricity, people have a hard time completing necessary tasks throughout the day.

Unfortunately, generators occasionally run into technical problems, and Onan 3600 LP Generators are no exception to this rule. Our troubleshooting methods will help you run your generator as good as new.

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