Newmar vs Tiffin: Our Comparison Of The Two

newmar vs tiffin
newmar vs tiffin

RVs are large vehicles that are mostly used by people who enjoy going out for long camping trips or if someone wants a vehicle that they can sleep in. The massive size and features that these motorhomes come with allow people to comfortably stay in them for long durations of time.

These include having a bathroom, bedroom, and even a kitchen. All of the rooms combined with the electrical appliances make the user feel like they are traveling in their own home.

Although, when it comes to purchasing a vehicle for yourself, there are many companies that you will have to choose from. This can confuse the user but two companies are known for manufacturing some of the best vehicles.

These include Newmar and Tiffin, if you are having trouble choosing between these two then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with all the information required about Newmar vs Tiffin.

Newmar vs Tiffin: Talking About The Most Important Differences


Newmar is one of the most famous companies when it comes to purchasing large motorhomes. The best thing about this brand is the huge lineup you can select from. The first thing that you should do is to check out their website.

This has tabs on all the different categories, you can choose from. Once you decide what type of motorhome you are looking for, you can select it to find all the vehicles under that lineup.

You can then select the different models to see all the features on them along with their specifications. This makes it considerably easier for people to purchase vehicles that will best suit their usage.

Aside from this, the brand will also provide you with several floorplan options. These will help you in selecting a layout for the rooms and appliances in your vehicle. Considering this, make sure that you select a floorplan that feels comfortable to you as the user has to stay in their vehicle for long periods.

The website also contains other services like checking out a 360-degree view of their manufacturing facility. When it comes to the performance of these vehicles, the engines used in them are powerful enough to hold heavy loads without much trouble.

Considering this, you will not have to worry about how much equipment or people you are talking with you. Finally, you can also select between diesel- and gas-powered engines which means that you can go for either one of them depending on how much you travel.


Moving on with our Newmar vs Tiffin comparison, the latter is another famous company that is known for its amazing lineups of motorhomes. The first thing that you will notice about them is their lack of choices when it comes to designs.

Although, you should note that the brand makes up for this by proving their users with excellent build quality and numerous floorplans to choose from. The Allegro series from them is one of the most popular motorhomes that you will see people using. Aside from this, they also have a compact sizes motorhome that can be used for a single user or only two people.

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle from them then just like Newmar, Tiffin also has their website. This also contains the option to find dealers nearby you to help in getting in contact with them.

Both companies have their support team that will help you with any issues regarding the vehicles. You can contact them whenever you want to but make sure that you provide them with proper details about your problem. This will ensure that the company recognizes what is causing the issue and provides you with a proper solution.

You will also have a warranty service that can be used to get discounts on repairs or free replacements. The electrical appliances installed in these vehicles depend on how many you chose when purchasing the motorhome.

However, you can always install third-party equipment as well. Just make sure that you select devices that will be compatible with your RV. These usually have to be portable and consume less electricity so that your vehicle’s battery does not die. Overall, more people are inclined towards Newmar because of their huge lineup options, however, both brands are similar when it comes to performance.

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