MORryde CRE3000 vs SRE4000: What’s The Difference?

morryde cre3000 vs sre4000
morryde cre3000 vs sre4000

Going out for long camping trips requires people to take the right equipment with them. Being well prepared before you leave for your trip will help you out in the future. Though, keeping all of these items stored in your vehicle can be hard.

This is why people either purchase large vehicles or tow down trailers behind them. While these will fix your problem and you will be able to store all of your luggage. The user will notice that their vehicle’s drive will suffer a lot from this.

You will have a hard time going at high speeds, pressing breaks, and even making turns. This is why companies like MORryde provide people with suspension systems that will both smooth out their rides and fix most of these issues.

Though, the brand has multiple devices that you can purchase which can confuse the user. Two of the best ones to go for are the CRE3000 and SRE4000. If you are interested in them then going through this article should help you in selecting one.

MORryde CRE3000 vs SRE4000

MORryde CRE3000

The CRE3000 from MORryde is one of their most recommended suspension systems. The device comes with a small insert of rubber in them. Which helps the system to absorb shocks coming to the vehicle.

These are usually made when the user accidentally runs into a bump while driving. Though, the CRE3000 from MORryde will absorb most of the shock and then negate it. Aside from this, the system also helps the frame of your chassis to lose most of its stress.

All of these allow the user to have a much smoother ride than before so that they can enjoy their trip. Another great thing about this device is that it will improve the towing experience for the user.

Most of the stability issues that you get when you tow a trailer with your vehicle should be prevented by the CRE3000. Though, one thing to keep in mind is the clearance required by the device. The company suggests that you at least have 3” of clearance on your trailer’s suspension.

If this is not available then the user will be unable to install the product. Additionally, it only works with 5th wheels or travel trailers. Getting to the maximum load limit for this product, the user can easily put up to a total weight of 8000 pounds on the axle.

However, it is better if people stay below this limit as putting on too much weight can damage the device instead.

MORryde SRE4000

The SRE4000 suspension system from MORryde is another amazing one that you can go for. This was manufactured after the prior model and has been equipped with newer features.

Although, some important things to keep in mind are that this model does not work with every trailer. The SRE4000 is much larger when compared to CRE3000 which means that it required a lot more clearance.

The exact value that the company suggests is that you have at least 4” of space available. Only this single fact means that the product cannot be installed on many vehicles. This is why if you were confused between these two devices then you can check if your vehicle supports it.

Aside from this most of the features that were available on the CRE3000 are already included with this suspension system. However, this also uses an X-Factor crossmember design that provides it with a much stronger frame.

The SRE4000 also has rubber springs in it which are even better at negating the shocks coming to your vehicle. Finally, this model has a 3-year warranty on it provided by MORryde.

Whereas, the other model had a 2-year warranty. You can claim this whenever the system starts giving you trouble or if it gets damaged.

The company will then assist you with your issue and will even get it fixed for you. The installation process for both of these devices is pretty much the same. You can even find a guide for this in the manual provided by the system.

Following it carefully should allow you to install it easily. But if you are still having trouble then one recommendation is to take your vehicle directly to the company. They should be able to put on the suspension system on your trailer for you.

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