Equa-Flex vs MORryde: What’s The Difference?

equa flex vs morryde
equa flex vs morryde

If you enjoy going out on camping or hiking trips. Then you should already know how important it is to own a recreational vehicle or motorhome. Aside from this, the user has to drive for multiple hours at times to reach their destination.

Considering this, the drive for these larger vehicles is not as smooth as a car. This is why people modify their vehicles to get a better driving experience on their motorhomes.

One of the most essential things to consider when wanting a smooth ride is your vehicle’s suspension. Though, when upgrading it, there are tons of companies that you can go for. Two of the best ones around are Equa-flex and MORryde.

Both of these have amazing features which can make it hard for you to select one. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with all the information required about these two suspension systems.

Equa-Flex vs MORryde


Equa-flex is one of the most recommended suspension system upgrades for motorhomes and recreational vehicles. The product is manufacture by the famous company Lippert Components.

When selecting the product, you should note that there are a few options that the brand provides you with. While most of the features on these suspension equalizers will be the same. The only difference between them is the material these are made of.

This only changes the maximum amount of load the device can withhold. Considering this, if you are interested in the Equa-flex then make sure that you check the weight of your vehicle beforehand. You can then select the product under the weight range your vehicle falls under.

Aside from this, the company even provides people with the option to either go with solely the device. Alternatively, you can purchase the entire kit instead with contains axles. These will help you in installing the product on vehicles that have compatibility problems.

Considering this, the kit can be a better option for most people as it makes the installation process easier. As well as taking out the hassle of manually checking for support. One of the best things about this product is that it is covered with rubber.

This helps it in absorbing most of the shock that your vehicle gets when running into a bump. All of this will then be negated with Equa-flex and the user should be able to experience an extremely smooth drive.


MORryde is a famous company that manufactures suspension systems for its users. There are tons of other products that the brand makes as well. You can check out their website to find all of these listed there.

The user can even click on the equipment to find detailed information about them. Aside from this, when comparing the MORryde suspension system with Equa-flex. The company provides tons of other options that you can go for as well.

These have different features on them and you can easily select one that suits your usage. Though the CRE3000 model in specific is quite similar to Equa-flex’s suspension system. This is also equipped with a rubber insert on its inside.

Which will both take off the stress from your chassis’ frame as well as help in removing most shocks. Both the products are quite similar when it comes to the installation process. This can either be done on your own or the user can take their vehicle to the company.

One thing to keep in mind is that you properly install the device as it can be quite dangerous If it is not tightly fitted.

The MORryde device also has a total weight limit of 8000 pounds on it whereas some models of Equa-flex can only go up to 6000. The company also has models specifically designed for tandems or tripe axle wheelbase models.

Other than this, the product has a 2-year warranty on its suspension system as well. You can claim this if there is any problem related to the device and the company will then provide you with a solution or replacement.

This can be quite helpful though, make sure that you check the guidelines beforehand. Both of these are great options to go for but keep in mind that these will work best if you wish to two down a trailer on your vehicle.

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