LCI Electronic Leveling Out Of Stroke – 3 Solutions

lci electronic leveling out of stroke
lci electronic leveling out of stroke

Going out on camping trips in a motorhome can be a lot of fun. You can enjoy your trip and stay comfortable even when staying for a long time. This is all because of the amazing features provided in these RVs. Although, one of the main issues that you will have when staying on your trip can be the vehicle not being stable. This is annoying as the motorhome will start to shake whenever someone is walking inside the vehicle.

Although, companies like Lippert have come up with numerous devices that solve this issue. The LCI electronic leveling system is one of this equipment that you can install on your vehicle. After a quick configuration, the user can get started with this device and it will keep your vehicle stable while it is parked. Although, keep in mind that there are some issues that you can get as well. We will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps in case your LCI electronic leveling is out of stroke.

LCI Electronic Leveling Out of Stroke

1. Extend and Then Retract Jacks

One of the best things about these electronic jacks is that they are automated. This makes it quite easy for people to control them as you do not have to get out of your vehicle every time a little adjustment is required. When talking about, the out-of-stroke error, you should note that this usually appears when you have extended one of the jacks to its limit.

The error means that the device is no longer able to extend that jack any further. You can simply fix this by retracting the jack again however, sometimes it can get stuck. If this happens then you should extend all the other jacks in your vehicle as well and ensure that these are at least at 6 inches. Once done, you can then retract all of these completely.

2. Check for Debris

In some cases, the user might notice that the electronic jacks are completely stuck and won’t move no matter what button you press. If this happens then the most common reason for it can be that the motor in your jacks has something stuck in it.

These moving parts have to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure no debris gets stuck in them. Additionally, you have to keep them lubricated at all times as this will help your device in lasting a long time. Without these, the gears will get damaged much faster and will require you to replace them with new ones.

3. Move Your Vehicle to A Leveled Area

While the steps mentioned above are mostly enough to fix your problem. In some cases, the issue can be because you have parked your vehicle on a slope. This can prevent the leveling jacks from moving although, once you move your vehicle back to a leveled surface. Pressing the retract buttons should allow you to move the jacks again. You can then follow the first step and fix the problem you were getting.

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