LCI Electronic Leveling Out Of Stroke – 3 Solutions

lci electronic leveling out of stroke
lci electronic leveling out of stroke

Electronic leveling jacks are a crucial part of an RVer’s lifestyle because they use them to stabilize an RV. If your RV doesn’t stay stable on the ground, it could cause several accidents and road hazards that could leave you stranded.

Manual jacks are difficult to operate on an RV because RVs are much heavier than the standard vehicle. Using an electronic system allows anybody to Jack their RV up and stabilize it on the road without much manual labor.

Please continue reading to learn what it means when your LCI electronic leveling system is out of stroke. In addition, we will discuss how you can resolve this problem.

What Does Out of Stroke Mean

brand produces reliable jacks

LCI electronic leveling systems are a popular option for RV enthusiasts because this brand produces reliable jacks.
However, this leveling system only has a certain amount of extension you can reach before it doesn’t allow you to extend any further.

You’ll receive an out-of-stroke error code when you reach the maximum extension on your LCI leveling system.
When your leveling system says you’re out of stroke, you have no more room to extend. However, there is a limit on electronic leveling systems that you need to make yourself aware of before using this system.

How To Clear Out of Stroke Message

Clear Out of Stroke Message

If you notice an out-of-stroke error message when you try extending your leveling system, it means you have no room to move further period follow these steps to clear this error code so that you can set your leveling system to the correct amount.

  1. Extend your LCI electronic leveling system to 6 inches.
  2. After you reach the six-inch extension, retract your jacks until they’re fully level.
  3. After you clear this error code, you’re free to asset your jacks to your preferred level.

If you receive an out-of-stroke error message, it’s typically easy to resolve and doesn’t require professional intervention. Retracting and re-extending your jacks usually resolves this issue and resets your error code.

Check your user manual to understand how far you should extend your electronic leveling system and keep your RV in great condition. Leveling your RV at the right amount is an important part of ownership and can keep you safe while traveling.

Refusing to level your RV correctly could stress your RV frame and make you purchase a new vehicle before you’re ready. Proper RV maintenance will help you keep your RV for as long as possible to get the most out of your investment. Unfortunately, purchasing an RV is an expensive ordeal, so it would be best to take great care of it.

How To Use LCI Electronic Leveling

Operating your LCI electronic leveling system can initially seem stressful, especially if you receive an out-of-stroke error code. However, the more you use this electronic leveling system, the easier operating these levels on your RV. Follow the steps below to hook up and use your LCI electronic leveling system.

1. Set Up Your LCI Jacks

Set Up Your LCI Jacks

Safety is your number one priority when adjusting the leveling system on your RV. Therefore, you must follow these safety tips before you set up your LCI jacks.

  1. Park your RV on level ground, like a parking lot.
  2. Engage your parking brake so you don’t worry about moving your RV while working on it.
  3. Switch your RV transmission to a park or neutral.
  4. Don’t let anybody stay inside your RV while you work on the leveling system.
  5. Get rid of any materials you find in the spots you need to keep your jacks.

Neglecting to follow these guidelines could put you and other people in a dangerous situation and risk injury. Therefore, always prioritize your safety before setting up your LCI electronic leveling system. For example, do not work on your system if people are inside your RV or if your RV is on unlevel surfaces like a hill.

2. Apply LCI System to Your RV

Apply LCI System to Your RV

After you park your RV in a safe location, you’re free to apply the leveling system. Follow the steps below to add this automatic leveling system to your RV.

  1. Apply the jacks to the designated areas
  2. Turn on your LCI leveling system
  3. Ensure that the lights indicate that the system turns on
  4. Engage your parking brake
  5. Click the auto-level button

After you activate the auto leveling button, you don’t have to worry about making any more adjustments. This electronic leveling system can handle any further adjustments moving forward. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this auto-leveling system while driving because it will automatically adjust your RV.

Keep your RV on level ground and ensure that no one moves it from the inside or outside while working on it. Your RV is vulnerable while you apply this leveling system, and it’s important to keep yourself and others safe during this process.

You’ll need to reset your system if you receive an out-of-stroke error code on your LCI jacks at any point. This error code means that you’ve fully extended your jacks, and they cannot move any further. Always park your RV when you work on your leveling system to protect your RV from damage.

Troubleshoot LCI Leveling System Out Of Stroke

Although the LCI leveling system is a popular choice among RV enthusiasts, it’s not a perfect solution for your leveling needs.

You need to take proper care of this leveling system to keep it in good condition, so it works well on your vehicle. Troubleshooting your LCI system whenever you encounter a problem is a crucial part of owning this automatic system.

Follow the troubleshooting guidelines below to keep your LCI electronic leveling system in great condition. Following these tips will help you prevent an out-of-stroke error code so you don’t have to reset your system while you travel. Unfortunately, finding a level place to stop on the road to reset your levels isn’t always easy.

1. Fill Fluids

Fill Fluids

If you don’t want to encounter too many problems with your LCI leveling system, it’s important to maintain the system fluids. Of course, the main fluid you need to worry about is the hydraulic fluid in your reservoir.

Fortunately, this isn’t a daily maintenance task you have to worry about. Most people only refill the hydraulic fluid on their LCI leveling system once every five years.

  1. Use your controller to retract your jacks all the way
  2. Do not change your fluid if it’s translucent
  3. If the fluid looks milky, you should replace it
  4. Fill your hydraulic fluid between 1/4 and 1/2

Maintaining your hydraulic fluid is important to owning an automatic leveling system. It would be best to check this fluid once a year, even if you don’t have to fill it every year. Checking it is the best way to keep your leveling system in peak condition.

Without old or low hydraulic fluid, you cannot safely operate your automatic leveling system. In addition, this fluid is a crucial part of keeping contaminants away from your system.

2. Reset System

Reset System

Sometimes, the only way to get rid of your out-of-stroke error code is to entirely reset your LCI electronic leveling system. Follow these steps to reset your system and restore it to its default settings.

  1. Turn off your levels
  2. Click front five times
  3. Click back five times
  4. Press enter
  5. Turn the automatic system back on

Resetting your LCI electronic leveling system will help restore it to factory settings. This is crucial if you’ve accidentally set your LCI system out of range. After factory resetting your LCI leveling system, you no longer have to worry about the error code.

3. Check Connections

Check Connections

The connections should be the last thing you should consider when troubleshooting your LCI electronic leveling system. However, checking these connections is an important part of ownership, and if things aren’t connected right, there’s no way for your electronic-level system to work properly.

  1. Look for any damaged wires throughout your LCI system
  2. Replace any wires that have damage
  3. Ensure all connections are plugged in all the way
  4. Check connections for debris

You must remove the obstruction if you notice anything interrupting your leveling system connections. If you still have trouble operating your levels properly, you should bring your leveling system to a mechanic for assistance. A mechanic can help you identify any problems within your automatic levels so that you can replace them if necessary.

Final Thoughts

LCI electronic leveling system

Unfortunately, adjusting your LCI electronic leveling system can be dangerous if you don’t follow our safety tips. If you’re nervous about risking injury or damaging your RV, it would be best to bring your vehicle to a professional instead. There’s nothing wrong with bringing your vehicle to a mechanic when you’re unsure of how to work on it.

Ensure that everybody leaves your RV before you work on the leveling system to protect everyone’s safety. If people are inside the RV while you adjust the levels, it can be dangerous. They can accidentally move the RV while you adjust the levels and cause it to tip over.

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