3 Common KIB Monitor Panel Problems (Troubleshooting)

kib monitor panel troubleshooting
kib monitor panel troubleshooting

If you enjoy going out for camping trips then you should know how important it is to take the right equipment with you. Though, when lots of people are going then it can get difficult to store all of these in your vehicles. This is where motorhomes and recreational vehicles come in. These act as the user is traveling on their home.

Apart from this, it is essential to keep a check over your vehicle at all times. Manually doing this can take a lot of time and effort. This is why companies like KIB provide users with digital systems that will do the job for you.

Though, there are still some problems that you can run into with these devices. We will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps for the KIB Monitor Panel.

KIB Monitor Panel Troubleshooting

  1. Check Wires

The KIB Monitor panel is manufactured to provide you with all the details about your vehicle. The device runs through electricity which is why if the user notices any problems. Then the first thing that you should look into is the connections.

If there is any issue with the current coming to your vehicle then that might be why you are getting this error. Take a look at your device and tighten all the wires. If any of these have come out then connect them back in.

This should fix the problem that you were getting previously. However, if it does not then check if any of your cables have been damaged. There should be a cut on them if these were being bent. You can replace the damaged wires with new ones to fix the issue.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you cover your cables with tape afterward. This ensures that the wires do not produce sparks when current is flowing through them. Finally, router your cables in a way that there is no force being applied on them and there are no bents between them.

  1. Check Voltage

If your problem persists or if all the wires were fine. Then the next thing that you should check is the voltage from your connection. You can use a multimeter or voltmeter for this. If you do not have these with you then you can easily purchase them from an electrical store nearby you. Keep in mind that the process is quite dangerous.

People who do not know these connections should avoid checking them on their own. They can contact a specialist that will help them out. Electricians should be able to both identify the problem as well as solve it for you. However, if you are someone who does not have access to them then you can proceed on your own.

Disconnect the main power from your device and attach the cable to your voltmeter. Take readings and see if the results are normal. If you notice any fluctuations then there might be an issue with your main power source. If not then you can check the fuse in your device. Replace it with a new one to start using the monitor panel again. You must use the same voltage of fuse that was being used before. This will ensure that you do not run into any further issues.

  1. Faulty Circuit Board

If your device is still not working then it has most likely gotten damaged from the main power. The circuit board on it might have died and should require a replacement. Getting these repaired from electrical stores will void the warranty. Additionally, there is a small chance that it will get fixed in the first place. This is why you should contact KIB directly.

They have a support service that you can use and tell them about the problem you are getting. If the user still has a warranty for their device then the company might provide you with a free replacement.

Though, you should check the condition of your device as well as read the terms for their warranty before claiming it. If the warranty has expired then you will have to see what solution the company provides you with. If there are none then you will have to purchase a new monitor panel.

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