3 Common Keystone Cougar Problems (With Solutions)

keystone cougar problems
keystone cougar problems

RVs and motorhomes are some of the best vehicles that you can take with you on your trips. These contain several rooms in them paired up with electrical appliances. Talking about this, the price of these motorhomes can be a lot. This is why if you already own a large vehicle like a truck with a powerful engine then getting a trailer will be better for you.

One of the best trailers that you can get is the Keystone Cougar. This has tons of features that will keep you comfortable throughout your trip. Although, there are also some issues that you can run into. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems that can be found on Keystone Cougar along with ways to fix them.

Important Troubleshooting Steps for Keystone Cougar Problems

  1. Electrical Issues

One of the most common issues that most people get on their Keystone Cougar is its power. Either some of the appliances in it will stop working, alternatively, this can also be all of them. The most common reason for this can be that some of the wirings on your vehicle have come off. You might have changed the position of your appliances and did not connect the power wire back in. Installing it tightly should help in getting rid of the problem.

Aside from this, the issue can also be from your outlets instead of the cables. You will have to test these using a voltmeter. Although, if you do not have access to one, then another option is that you try plugging in a lamp. You can then observe the light and see if there is any flicker on it. If you do notice any then that means your outlet is supplying fluctuating current.

This can both be from an issue in the wirings or the backend. You can test all the other outlets in your vehicle as well to confirm this. If only one of them has this issue then you can replace the socket with a new one. However, if all of them are acting the same then you will have to check the batteries on your Keystone Cougar. Make sure that you remove all the dust collected on its terminals and fill them up with water.

  1. Unstable Ride

Another issue that you can get on your Keystone Cougar is that it is quite unstable when driving. Although, large vehicles like this will sway a lot when you tow them down. Considering this, a slight sway can usually be ignored. However, if you want to fix this then check what tow bar you are using.

This should be powerful enough to carry all the load from your trailer. Additionally, some tow bars come with auto balance features and sway reduction. These will ensure that your vehicle’s performance is several times better than before. Other than this, you can also check if the weight on your vehicle is equally distributed.

You will have to get both your truck and trailer weighed from a workshop for this. The user can then equally distribute the weight between their vehicles so that no single spot has a lot of pressure on it. This will help in reducing a lot of sway from your trailer. Moreover, if you were getting a jumpy reaction on your truck then this should be fixed as well.

  1. Damaged Equipment

Sometimes when trying to use your Keystone Cougar, you might notice that some of the appliances in it are faulty. One of the most common complaints is from the air conditioner unit leaking. Considering this, you should take care of it as soon as possible. All of the leakages can damage the flooring on your RV as well as the walls.

Usually, the pipeline that is supposed to throw out all the water gets damaged and floods your vehicle as well. Considering this, simply replacing this with a new one will fix the problem. Although, you can also contact Keystone directly and talk to them about your issue.

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