3 Common IOTA DLS 45 Problems (Troubleshooting)

iota dls 45 troubleshooting
iota dls 45 troubleshooting

IOTA is one of the largest brands that is manufacturing 12-volt ampere converters for you. IOTA DLS 45 Is one such converter/battery charger that can help you out with converting the current from your batteries to power the appliances up to 45 Amperes and they can also be used to charge the batteries.

IOTA is known for their durability and superb performance and that is why it is scarce that you will have to face any sort of inconvenience or problems with the converter.

If you are facing any problems on the IOTA DLS 45, it can get pretty hard for you to troubleshoot on your own as it is not a user-friendly device and there are no displays on it either.

You will need to know about the basic electronics functioning in detail if you are looking to make sure that you can work it out and troubleshoot the converter properly. Yet, a few troubleshooting steps that you can follow if your converter is not working in order to fix it on your own are:

IOTA DLS 45 Troubleshooting

1) Check the Fuse

To start with the troubleshooting, you need to check on the fuse for converter and that can help you out of most of the tight corners. Luckily, the fuse is connected on the back of IOTA DLS 45 converters, and is pretty easy to access.

The fuse takes most of the load for you and in case of current excess, short circuit or any other problem, it is blown to break the circuit and protect your equipment from any sort of troubles. So, you will have to ensure that you are checking on the fuse first if there are any sort of problems.

You will have to make sure that the fuse is connected properly and is not hanging lose. The best way to get this sorted out is to take the fuse out clean it up and plug it back properly. This is going to fix the issue with your converter most of the times.

If the problem is still not resolved, you will need to change the fuse with another one. It would be great if you keep some of those fuses handy always for this sort of tough situations that might occur. So, changing the fuse with a new one is going to sort out any issues for you that are being caused due to a blown or bad fuse.

2) Check Cable

Secondly, you will need to make sure that the cable is in perfect health and is not damaged or broken at any point. It goes without saying that the main cable needs to be perfectly alright in order to make your IOTA DLS 45 converted work in the right manner.

So, you will need to check on the cable for any apparent signs of damage, burns or if it has any sort of sharp bends on it that might be causing all this trouble for you. Once you get that sorted out, you will be able to properly diagnose the issue that is causing inconvenience for you.

So, if the cable is found damaged, or you believe it might be getting heated up due to some short circuit, you will need to change the cable and replace it with a new cable that can take the amperes needed for your converter to work. Once you get the cable replaced, you can connect your converter to the batteries and it will start working again as good as new.

3) Check Connectors

If you are using those lead batteries, then you definitely need to check out the connectors as well. These batteries can cause you to have certain problems such as carbon accumulating on the terminals that can block the flow of current and that might be the reason behind all these issues you are facing.

So, you will need to clean off the terminals every once in a while, if you want to keep using the converter without having any such problems. Not only that, but you will also need to ensure that the clamps are tied tightly on the terminals and that you got the right terminals as well. Check for negative and positive clamps again and that will sort it out for you.

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