3 Steps to Run RV AC Without Generator


People all around the world enjoy going on camping trips with their friends and family. This lets them have an enjoyable experience while also getting to explore areas they had never seen previously. Although, before you even start your trip, there are tons of things that you should understand. This includes checking what equipment will be required on your trip. Additionally, you should know what problems you can run into and how these can be fixed.

This will help in ensuring that you can deal with any issues on your trip. Talking about this, motorhomes are one of the most popular vehicles that camping enthusiasts purchase. These come with tons of features that take out most of the problems a camper can run into. Though, most of the services provided on your motorhome will depend on the company you bought it from. This is why you must go through its specifications carefully to select a model that suits you best.

How to Run RV AC Without Generator

Out of the numerous features provided on an RV, one popular one is the ability to use electrical appliances even while you are traveling. Although, the power in your vehicle is limited as there is no direct electric source available. Considering this, you have to keep the power being used in check so that your vehicle does not run out during your trip.

The batteries in these vehicles are usually powerful enough to last you a few days easily without running into any issues but keeping them maintained is also essential. Talking about this, one solution for this power shortage problem is using a generator. This helps in ensuring that you have power on your vehicle at all times. Although, many people consider if it is possible to run their AC without a generator. Keep in mind that an air conditioner unit requires a lot of electricity.

This is why it is always better that you use a generator instead of trying to run the device on some other power source. If the device being too loud is your problem then there are tons of models available that can be silent. However, if you have no other choice then some other methods can be used to power up your AC. Below are some steps that will teach you how to run an AC in your RV without a generator

1. Additional Batteries

One of the safest things that you can try is installing additional batteries on your motorhome. These are already present on the vehicle to help the user in powering up all of their appliances. Although, an air conditioner will kill these batteries within a few minutes. This is why you should install multiple batteries that will all be used to keep your AC running.

Setting these up can be quite difficult which is why you should contact a specialist. Most workshops should already have a technician that can help you in setting up the batteries. Make sure that all of these are connected to your AC to keep it running. If you notice that the device dies quickly then adding more batteries should help you out.

2. Solar Panels

Another popular option that you can go for is installing solar panels on your vehicle. These will charge up the batteries in your vehicle using sunlight. Alternatively, you can even use them as a direct power source. Although, there are tons of disadvantages when using these devices especially when you are on a moving vehicle. Considering this, the solar panels themselves might not be powerful enough to keep your AC going but you can pair them up with your batteries to help you out.

3. Direct Power Source

Finally, another option that you can use to run your AC without a generator is by using a direct power source. The current coming from this can be converted using an inverter. After this, you can either use the electricity to power up your appliances or even charge your batteries.

Although, these terminals are only provided in specific camping sites. Considering this, you will have to search this up in advance so that there are no problems on your trip. Keeping all of this in mind, you should realize that using a small generator is much better than going through all this hassle.

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