How to Hook Up A Satellite TV in Your RV

How to Hook Up A Satellite TV in Your RV
How to Hook Up A Satellite TV in Your RV

How to Hook Up A Satellite TV in Your RV

Connecting your RV to satellite TV is nearly the same as connecting to it in your home. However, the biggest difference is how to mount the dish antenna. Many new RVs already have a satellite dish installed, and most of these dish antennas work with DirecTV.

The Satellite Dish

If your dish is not pre-installed on your roof, you’ll need to mount and secure a satellite dish on either on your roof or on a tripod on the ground. The exact position of your satellite dish antenna can vary depending on where you are. However, you need to remember the rules about an unobstructed view of the southern sky. You’ll need to position your satellite dish so that it clears any buildings, trees or rocks.

The Receiver

If your RV came with a satellite dish already installed, it’s probably already has a port to hook up the receiver. In fact, it may already have a receiver installed.

If your RV isn’t already set up for satellite, you’ll need to find a good place for the receiver such inside one of your RV cabinets, near your TV. You could also mount it securely to a wall with mounting brackets and screws.

First of all, follow the installation instructions for your particular brand of receiver. But generally, you’ll need to connect the receiver’s input port to the dish with a coaxial cable. You can permanently connect it if your dish is mounted on the roof, otherwise, you’ll need to lead the cable through a window.

If the RV has a pre-installed satellite dish on the roof, look for the wall cable connector. Connect the cable from the dish to the outer port and the cable from the receiver to the inner port.

The TV

Make sure your TV is securely mounted to the wall of the RV. You can do that with special brackets made just for mounting a TV in an RV. Mount the TV near the receiver.

If your RV is already set up for satellite, there may be a cable port near the TV to attach it to the receiver. Otherwise, you’ll need to connect the receiver’s output with a cable appropriate for your TV. Depending on your TV, you may need to use RG coaxial, HDMI cables, or  RCA composite cable.

Getting Professional Help

If this sounds too complicated, you can always have your satellite company assist you. You can also hire an RV technician familiar with installing satellite TV. However you do it, you can enjoy your favorite shows and get the news wherever you travel.


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