Add A Bathroom to A Pop-Up Camper? (Factors To Consider)

how to add a bathroom to a pop up camper
how to add a bathroom to a pop up camper


There are continual technological and market developments that have impacted the RV industry in recent years. There is a new breed and younger generation of RV adventurers that are looking for a more versatile approach to traditional RV vacations. Specifically, pop-up campers have become increasingly popular.

pop-up campers

They are lightweight, less expensive and easily stored gadgets that offer an RV experience in a much smaller package. However, many of them lack a functioning bathroom set-up, which is often too expensive and space hungry to be a useful addition.

However, there are some innovative products that can easily adapt a pop-up camper into a more versatile and luxurious space.

Traditional RVs

Traditional RVs

Traditional RVs typically include a functioning toilet system as a means of accommodation for all of the basic necessities of mobile travel. However, the RV industry has experienced a number of permutations in recent years which has established contemporary RV styles.

Most notably that of the pop-up roof tent. These are far more compact and mobile set-ups that are orientated around dynamic flexibility for a more economically minded buyer.

These new styles of RVs with smaller footprints have encouraged somewhat of a step back in terms of functionality in many circumstances. In essence, they lack any kind of full-sized space, opting for multifunctionality with a tiny living space.

toilet and showering facilities

This has resulted in many removing the toilet and showering facilities to minimize the space requirements. Unfortunately, for many, this can be a frustrating reduction in the luxury-orientated style the industry has been promoting for decades.

These pop-up tents are an inspiring new trend that can turn any standar car into an off-grid camping machine. These tent boxes are designed for an easy set-up that can be set up at a moment’s notice.

They typically have a hard plastic roof to protect from the weather combined with a mesh surrounding to keep bugs and flies out of the living space. These are innovative light weight camping systems that allow customers to instantly create their own more rudimentary style of RV.

New Age Technology

New Age Technology

The monumental spike in demand for converted vans has also bloomed the RV supply industry. There is a new, younger and more dynamic audience that requires a host of upgraded innovative technologies. An element of this would be the widescale production of portable chemical toilet systems.

These new toilet systems have been designed with portability and functionality in mind. Essentially, they are freestanding low-profile toilets that have all of the necessary sanitary requirements to provide an easily operated and transported system.

Generally speaking, they function by utilizing two tanks, a black or waste tank, as well as fresh water. The waste compartment is filled with a chemical fluid that is efficient at breaking down and corroding organic waste.

Amazingly these chemicals are excellent at destroying bacteria and solid matter, which quickly breaks down into an odourless fluid. The toilet functions largely as a traditional set-up. However, the flushing mechanism is often manually operated.

emptied into a chemical disposal dump

Once the system is full, most often, there are two compartments that can be separated without the risk of spilling any of the waste fluid. It is then emptied into a chemical disposal dump or toilet system. Then it can simply be refilled with chemicals and water before being reassembled and ready for use.

Additionally, portable showers have become increasingly economical and convenient for RV customers.

They come in a variety of forms, from solar-heated water bags to preheated and manually pressurised systems which are ideal for more realistic shower experiences. They are again ideal for the new dynamic RV pop-up camper market, which appreciates a more economical and efficient solution to these typical problems.

How to Add A Bathroom to A Pop Up Camper

Seamless Assimilation

Seamless Assimilation

These chemical toilets are designed to be easily manoeuvred and transported. Due to their compact nature and tight storage facilities, they have often been designed specifically for the growing pop-up camper market.

It means it can safely be handled and moved in and around the vehicle. Therefore, it is an essential and purpose build addition for any RV owner who wishes to reacquaint themselves with some of the luxuries in life.

They can easily be stored in the trunks of cars affording the perfect solution to a fundamental problem. However, with a stand-alone toilet, there are still some privacy issues most of us would be keen to address before using it on the next camping adventure.

Although most pop-up tents will provide purpose designed curtains, this is not always the case.

pop-up shower tents

Chemical toilets can also be used harmoniously with pop-up shower tents. These are particularly effective when on outdoor off-grid adventures. These tents are extremely lightweight and compact. They can be erected in seconds which makes them the ideal addition to any privacy conscience pop-up camper enthusiast.

Depending on their height, these shower tents can be erected in the camper or outside. Affording some more interesting options to use the bathroom and shower in some of the exotic locations compared to most people.

Ideally, for water runoff, using it outdoors will not only put users in touch with nature but also prevent any annoying cleanup.


portable bathroom

It is unfortunate that pop-up campers do not provide basic bathroom equipment as part of their innovative configurations. However, it is clever from the article that this problem can be overcome with some simple, space-saving and purpose-built contraptions that can create a perfect portable bathroom space.

Not only that, but these portable editions afford a more impressive and immersive nature experience which can allow for an easily manoeuvred bathroom space that can be set up in the great outdoors.

So, make the most of this problem and appreciate the newfound flexibility that can be derived from these innovative additions to your beloved pop-up camper.

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