Add A Bathroom to A Pop-Up Camper? (Factors To Consider)

how to add a bathroom to a pop up camper
how to add a bathroom to a pop up camper

If you are going out for a camping trip for more than just a single day then you will most likely take some equipment with you to rest at night. This can be a camp, RV, or even a pop-up camper. The best thing about taking a pop-up camper with you is that you can experience a full 360-degree view of your surroundings.

This is not possible in an RV or even in a tent because they are covered. The pop-up camper also contains mesh walls that will prevent any flies or mosquitos from entering the camp.

While using a pop-up camper can be quite fun, you might be thinking of adding a bathroom to it. While this can be quite tricky to do, it is still possible if you bring the right equipment with you plan ahead.

How to Add A Bathroom to A Pop-Up Camper?

First of all, you need to consider the fact that this will cost you a lot and will take a lot of effort. This is why it is highly recommended that you purchase a pop-up camper that already contains a bathroom instead of adding one. However, if you already own a pop-up camper and wish to add a bathroom in it then you should start by gathering up the parts required.

You will need to search for a toilet system that you can install in your trailer. After this, you need to find a shower faucet and pan. After this, you need to gather all the plumbing equipment and then start preparing the room. To make the frame that will hold all the equipment, a lot of carpentry skills are required. If you have any prior knowledge about this then you can start on your own. If not then you will have to hire a professional carpenter who can help you.

Search online for a list of different designs and select one that you like. Then you can start working on making all the frames for the equipment according to the design. You can even modify the designs and add in compartments if you want to. After all the mainframe has been built. You will then need to add the plumbing system in.

If you have an RV that you use with your pop-up camper then you can attach the plumbing system with it to get a supply of water. After this put all your bathroom equipment into the frames and this should make up your bathroom.

Some things that you need to consider are what size your pop-up camper is. If it is small then you should take that into consideration while deciding on the plan. It is not necessary that you add in a shower in your pop-up camper. If there is not enough space then you can even set up an outside shower.

If you are still unsure about placing your shower inside the camper then you can visit a dealership that has a bathroom shower installed in their camper. This can give you a feel of understanding it you will be comfortable with a cramped up shower.

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